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Power Problems and Red Bags . . .

Getting down to Clear Lake, I installed the new power supply, pushed the button, and the computer powered up. However I never heard the ‘beep’ during the boot up.

And I had no video coming out either. Now I know the old power supply was bad, since it wouldn’t even power up. But it looks like the motherboard is bad too. So I guess I’ll have to pull out the hard drives, hook them up to another computer, and see what’s on them.

Jan called about 2:30 to tell me that the power had been off for about 30 minutes and still hadn’t come back on yet. I told her to go outside and cycle the big breaker, but it didn’t  help., So next I called Ed Hurlburt who’s only 3 spaces down from us, and found he had power.

My next call was to the Ranger office, and as soon as I said, “This is Greg White and we’re in G23 . . . “. she said they were working on the power, but it might be 3 or 4 hours.

About 4pm, with still no power, Jan called and said it was getting a little toasty in the rig, so I led her through starting up the rig’s generator. Had her first turn off both AC’s and then hold down the Gen Start button, while pulling the Start trigger on the Remote Switch I installed last June in Rapid City, SD.

Bosch Remote Starter Switch

And it started right up, with power coming on about 15 seconds later. About an hour later Jan called to say someone had stopped by and told her that the power  probably would not be repaired until Monday, and that we could either move to another site, or run our generator all weekend.

So as I came through the front gate, I ask about where we could move. She said that we could move to any other site that was not redbagged. When I got back to the rig, our pedestal was redbagged, but I noticed that the site just to the left of us was not.

Grabbing up my yellow outlet tester I first tested our pedestal, since with the generator running, we wouldn’t know if the power came back on. But it was still dead.

But the unbagged pedestal had power,. Lucky us. So I quickly pulled the truck into the site to save it for us. Jan said the couple in the Class A had left earlier.

Since Jan had already packed away a lot of stuff, I only had to disconnect the utilities and satellite, pull in the slide, crank up and pull out. I didn’t even let the awnings in.

So in about 10 minutes we were parked and hooked up to shore power, so then I turned the generator off and we were home. Then I called Ranger office and told them we had moved one site to the left, and they said fine, we’ll change you over.

For dinner tonight Jan had slow-cookered a big batch of her world-famous chili, and we had just settled down with our steaming bowls when there was a knock at the door.

Turned out to be an angry gentleman(?) and his wife, who said this was his site, and he paid for it , and he wanted us out now. I said that he left the site, and we told that we could move to any site that wasn’t redbagged. He said that the site was redbagged when he left and accused me to taking the bag off and stealing his site.

I told him that the bagged sites would not have power until Monday, so why would I pull the bag off so I could park in a site that wasn’t going to have power. I also told him that maintenance had come through and bagged every site in ‘G’, until they knew exactly which sites would still have power. So if he had stayed a little longer he would have had power too.

He sputtered a bit, and said he would call the Rangers and they would kick me out of his site..

We never heard from anyone the rest of the night.

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The latest Landonism: Brandi ask Landon to switch spots with her on the sofa. Landon shook his head NO, and said, “Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone.”

Don’t know whether to laugh or strangle him.

The Word of the Day is:  Enervate

Thought for the Day: 

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.


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