Renaissance Man . . .

and Woman.

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This morning’s ~30 minute drive into work was really nice, almost over before I knew  it.

And because I cut two hours off my round-trip I was able to spend a little extra time wrapping up some projects.

While I was at work, my new LaCrosse Remote Weather Station came in. Several readers already received theirs, and so far the reviews are very favorable.

LaCrosse Weather Station

I’ll let you know.

Getting home about 4:45, we turned right back around and headed over to Victory Lakes to have dinner at Whataburger. Delicious as usual.

Then it was a stop by the next door Chase Bank for some cash before hitting the across the street Wal-Mart to get rid of some of it.

Under the heading of “I Warned You.”

Check out this Denver TV Anchor take the Carolina Reaper One Chip Challenge and then proceed to throw up on-air.

One Chip Challenge

A Person Gotta Know Their Limitations.

Blog reader Brenda Brown passed this on about Sears.

Sears just went into bankruptcy in Canada last week.  They are having their liquidation sales for the next 12 to 14 weeks and then they are gone. Over 15,000 employees out of work and many of them that have worked there for over 30 years have lost their pensions.

Drip, Drip, Drip.

Coming next year the GPS in your new smartphone will be much more accurate, from over 16 feet down to 1 foot. Plus it will work better in the city canyons and use only have the power. Super Accurate GPS

Earlier in the month when we didn’t know we were going to be moving south, I went online to get us tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival near here in Magnolia. Of course now that we’re down here, it’s time to go.

So tomorrow we’re going to be at Brandi’s by 9am, and then we’re all going up there. Really looking forward to it.

The Word of the Day is:  Guisard

Thought for the Day: 

“Trust in GOD, but row away from the rocks.”



4 Responses to Renaissance Man . . .

  1. Linda Sand says:

    I hope the Texas RenFest has food as good as the Minnesota one does. And that your weather is good.

  2. Mike Shride says:

    When I read. You blog on my laptop in Firefox the page keeps reloading and is hard to read. I have tried I.E.and it does the same. It started a couple weeks ago. Can you think of anything I can do to stop it?

  3. Norm Sullivan says:

    haha…..that anchor is never going to hear the end of that one.

  4. Boots Gibson says:

    So sorry to hear about Sears.  I was raised on Sears products and it was the 1st place we went to shop unless we wanted groceries.

    I ordered the medium sized weather station but has arrived yet, probably due to my delays with being on the road.  will be staying in Bullhead City the month of November so looking forward to some online shopping.

    FYI, for those of you traveling in Southern California, DO NOT plan on spending any time in Oxnard or spending any money there.  Whether you are in a $5000 rig or a $500,000 rig, they think all RVers and scum and will treat you that way–they won’t let you stay over 3 days at the Elks lodge and there is no overnighting in any parking lot in town including Walmart.  On my 4th day at the Elks (my home lodge) a city employee was taking photos of my rig and car like it was a crime scene.  This is a town where I worked for 12 years in the medical field for a local private company.  Do yourself a favor and stay away!

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