PaCons or Pee Cans?

Once I had some coffee in me I raised the bed and then the engine cover so I could clean the area around the rig’s engine oil filter.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a small 1 gallon sprayer from WalMart, a great deal at only $5.00.

Flo Master Sprayer

So today I filled it with water and added a double squirt of Dawn and  a couple of scoops of Awesome Orange and shook it up.

Then I sprayed down the oil filter area and let it soak in for a while. In the meantime I called Cummins Tech Support to see what they had to say. What they told me reinforced what I already thought about the engine oil filter.

The Tech said one of three things probably happened. Either the filter was installed without the gasket, or the filter was installed with the new gasket without taking the old one off, or the filter was installed using the old gasket and not the new one.

Finishing up with Cummins, I used my mini-Fire hose nozzle to rinse off the area.

HISC Spray Nozzle

I’ve had this for several years and it is like have a small pressure washer on the hose end. I got it a while back at an RV rally, but it’s cheaper on Amazon.

I  went through about 4 iterations of spray/soak/rinse, going from this

Rig Engine Cleaning 1

to this.

Rig Engine Cleaning 2

Much cleaner.

We’re busy this weekend, but since I’m off on Monday, I’m going to top off the engine oil and run the diesel at high idle for a while, maybe an hour, and see if I get any leakage around the filter. Either way I’ll call RV Mobile Lube to take a look at the problem, since they changed the oil and filter back in May, and we never had a leak before that.

Later, about 12:30, Jan and I headed up to Clear Lake for an afternoon of errands, with lunch thrown in. Our first stop was my client’s to drop off the adapter I built up for the AC install.

Then it was down El Camino to have lunch at our favorite East Star Chinese Buffet. Always great! Then it was on over to Sam’s Club for some things, but mainly for a visit to the optometrist there.

It’s about time for new  glasses for both of us, plus it’s coming up on time to renew our South Dakota driver’s licenses. We can do it by mail, but since we’re not there to look into the DMV’s little vision thing for the eye test, we have to have an optometrist/ophthalmologist fill out a form certifying that we can see to drive.

We already knew Jan had cataracts, but it turns out that I now have them too. Or maybe not ‘them’, but ‘it’. I now have a noticeable one in my left eye, and an almost unnoticeable one in my right eye.

Jan has had hers for several years, but they were waiting for hers to get big enough for them to want to take them out. And it looks like this year may be the time.

So now we’re both seeing the ophthalmologist in November.

Coming home, we detoured over to Kemah so Jan could pick a couple of essential oil vials that Bodhi Oils made up for her as a migraine remedy. Next it was a quick Lowe’s stop and then on to the nearby HEB.

Jan had some things on her list she was looking for, but I found something for me too. I wander through the coffee area and found this.

HEB Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Coffee 3

What caught my eye was the actual chunks of pecan in the clear bag.

HEB Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Coffee

Something else that caught my eye was, though it was $9.99 for the bag, it was a full 16 oz. bag, and you don’t see that very often now days.

Turns out that Lola Savannah is a local Houston company who specializes in custom blends using mostly natural ingredients. Like the Texas pecans in this coffee.

I’ll let you know about it.

Thought for the Day:

I didn’t say it was your fault, I just said I was blaming you.



2 Responses to PaCons or Pee Cans?

  1. Steve Walther says:

    We have South Dakota licenses and when I called I was told that full time RVers had to stay one night within the last year in either a campground or motel to get our license renewed either online or by mail. Have you heard of this?

  2. Jerry J Criswell says:

    A nice lady from Louisiana, Betty from Betty’s RV Park,  taught us that it is pa-con.  A pe-can is something you put under the bed.

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