The Last Time . . .

At least I hope if is.

Today was another ‘errand/chore’ day, and luckily for me, it’s also my last full day of being Janless for a while.

Tomorrow afternoon after work I’ll drive up to Katy to pick her up from her Landon-sitting duties and then bring her home after we all have dinner together. It’s a good thing because both me and the cat are lonely.

Once I was up and had some coffee in me, I went outside to caulk some spots on the rig’s passenger side windshield. It had separated slightly at the top and rain would leak in.

This has been a problem ever since our blow-out in May 2015. The ironic thing though is that the windshield wasn’t damaged during the blow-out, but during the repair process.

They used one of these 10 ton lift jacks pick up the front of the rig about 4 feet off the ground so that they could remove and replace the damaged 150 gallon diesel tank.

10 Ton Lift Jack

And as they were letting it back down, the passenger side windshield cracked. They replaced it a couple of days later, but it’s never been quite right since then.

In fact I suspect that by lifting the rig like this it may  have torqued the frame because the glass has never quite seated right since then. In fact I even checked the part number of the new windshield to be sure it was the right one.

I’ve had a couple of glass places look at it and they all say it’s in no danger of falling out, so now I just want to stop the leaks once and for all.

Someone had recommended this Great Stuff Multipurpose Black Sealant. It’s very sticky, stays flexible, and resists UV rays.

Great Stuff Black

So I thought I’d give it a try. Since the stuff expands about 50% I just sprayed a line of it on top of the gap and then once it expanded, I use a popsicle stick like a spatula to spread it into the opening and smooth it over. I’ll come back later when I know it’s good and dry and use a razor blade to level off any bumps or protrusions. But I guess I’ll have to wait for the next rain to see how it works.
Or there’s always the hose. We’ll see.

About noon I headed up toward the house to try once again to move some stuff from the house down to the new storage unit in Dickinson. My previous attempt was foiled by a rainstorm, but today looked to be clear. But looking over the stuff the other day, I saw it would be easier to move all this stuff if I had a hand truck. And after finding out that I could buy a hand truck cheaper than I could rent one for just 4 hours, I decided stop by Harbor Freight was in order.

Yeah, like I need an excuse.

And besides a nice 700# capacity hand truck for $38, I also found a cut-off tool on sale for $26.

Harbor Freight Cut-Off Tool

I’ve had a couple of rusted bolts on the rig that I want to cut off, so I grabbed this too.

Finally getting to the house, I loaded up the truck and headed back down to the the storage unit and dropped the stuff off.

Only about 10 more loads to go.

I did a couple of things today that I hope I’ve done for the very last time. I paid the power bill for the house, and told the yard guy to mow it one more time.

For the last time, I hope.

See You Soon, Sweetie!

Thought for the Day:

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” – Oscar Wilde



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  1. Chris says:

    I know you are missing your Sweetie and she, you! Glad she will be back home tomorrow

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