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Where’s My Beignets?

I’m still waiting for the last offer on the house. He was supposed to have in to me today, but nothing so far.

If I don’t hear from him tomorrow, I’ll be ready to wrap this up fairly quickly. I’ve still got to track down a real state lawyer to look things over first, so hopefully tomorrow on that too.

Karma and I are doing OK with Jan gone, though for some reason karma thinks I should be up and feeding her by 7am like Jan does.

Not gonna happen. She can wait for 8am, just like I do. it’s not like she’s going to waste away.

I spent most of the morning at work updating the catalogs and the website for all the new prices that came in. It seems like everyone raises their prices in August for some reason.

I’m going into my client’s office tomorrow to help out since he’ll be at the VA tomorrow for some tests. Not sure if I’ll be going in on Friday or not since I had some things I was going to do tomorrow while I was off.

While we were passing through the coffee section in WalMart yesterday, Jan and I spied a can of Café Du Monde coffee.

Cafe Du Monde Coffee

We’ve had hot coffee and warm, powdered sugar-covered beignets several times at the Café Du Monde on Jackson Square in New Orleans, so this can brought back memories. So I grabbed a can to bring home.

We used to always finished our meal with Café Du Monde coffee at the old Mulate’s in Breaux Bridge. But somewhere along the line, probably when the new owners took over and renamed it Pont Breaux, they switched brands, and it’s just not the same.

So this morning I brewed up a pot using the same proportions I always use for our regular brands. Wrong. This stuff is strong! Where my normal brew comes out a dark caramel color, this was BLACK. And STRONG.

So strong that I had to double up on my creamer. But it was good!

Now all I need are some beignets.

Thought for the Day:

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog – Mark Twain



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