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I spent the morning trying to get Jan’s Viking sewing machine cleaned up and checked out.

It’s a Viking #1, a high-end one that Gina Ellis, a late friend of ours, gave Jan in 2009. I guess she gifted it to Jan because she got something bigger and better, though I can’t imagine what it could be, since this one seems to be able to do just about anything, including probably mowing your grass.

Viking Sewing Machine 1

It comes with 6 programming cards like this one

Viking Sewing Machine 2

that will do pretty much any embroidery stitch or pattern you can imagine, even monograms, words, or sentences in either block or cursive letters.

Or bears.

Viking Sewing Machine Bear

The reason his head is off a little is that the fabric got hung up while it was being stitched. Normally this is a hands-off function. Just push the button selecting the pattern, and press the foot pedal, and off it goes.

The machine automatically sets every thing – thread tension, stitch length, stitch width, presser foot pressure, etc. It’s all programmed.

Jan  used the machine for a year or so and then it was retired to a rig storage bay for the last 7-8 years. So I figured I might have to spend some time getting it going again.

But to my amazement, I took the cover off, wiped it down, plugged in and turned it on. And immediately ran a stitch forward and reverse, and then embroidered a pair of birds. And it all worked perfectly.

For a few minutes.

Then when Jan tried it, it would run a long stitch, and then when you stopped, it wouldn’t  start up again. Sometimes if you turned it off and back on, it would do another stitch of any length, but not restart.

I thought maybe I had set something up wrong, but no luck finding anything.

Finally it was time for us to head out so I thought I’d stop by the Viking dealer located in the JoAnn Fabrics at Baybrook Mall and ask some questions.

Our first stop was our local favorite, Pho 20, for lunch. Jan had the Lo Mein with Pho 20 Lo Mein with Chicken and Veggies

while I got the White Meat Chicken Pho, my usual.

Pho 20 Chicken Pho with Peppers

Knowing I like it hot, Sherry, the owner, brought me out some really hot little Mexican peppers that one of the cooks got from his mother in Mexico. Jan even put some of them on her Lo Mein. And as usual Sherry send us home with a whole bag of extra goodies.

I also spiced things up by mixing in some of the Carolina Reaper paste I got at Aldi’s last week.

Stonemill Carolina Reaper Paste

As I said before, it wasn’t as hot as I expected, but it does add a touch of good smoky flavor. Not bad at all.

Then, after Home Depot and WalMart stops, we went by JoAnn. I picked up a new ‘A’ presser foot, but they couldn’t help me with my problem. I did find out that I could bring the machine in for a cleaning and tune-up for $129.50. Might consider it.

Getting home I started fooling with the Viking again, and finally stumbled across the problem. Turns out that the cord that connects the foot pedal to the machine was flakey at the machine end of the connector. If you bent it one way, the machine got flakey, but if you bent it the other way, it worked fine.

So for right now I just left it bent the other way, so Jan could do her sewing project, which she did with no more problems. I’ll fix or replace the connector later.

Thought for the Day:

Maybe November’s are a little quieter now that they don’t play each other anymore

A House Divided


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