So Good She Had Two Bowls . . .

I left work a little early today, about 3pm, to get a jump on the traffic and the weather on the way up to Brandi’s in Katy to pick up my missing wife.

It had been pouring down up in that area all morning so I was wary of what the drive was going to be like. But by the time I got up there it had all passed through and all I got was few light sprinkles along the way.

I had gone over to the storage room yesterday afternoon and picked up the stuff we had saved from our house for Brandi, but didn’t want to take it up there until they had moved into their new house. No need to move it twice.

Coming home, with the coolish, dreary weather, we decided that a big bowl of King Food’s Hot & Sour Soup, and maybe an order of their Crispy Garlic Honey Crusted Chicken Wings.

Jan got the small bowl, the same one that comes with their meals,

King Food Hot and Sour with Crunchies

while I usually get the big bowl since it’s sometimes all I get.

King Food Big Hot & Sour

But this time, the soup was so good, that Jan ordered a second bowl while we waited for our wings.

King Food Crispy Chicken Wings

But as usual, they were worth waiting for.

Brandi and Lowell turned us on to these wings a while back, and we’re amazed that we ate there for so long and never got them ourselves.

We had thought about stopping off at WalMart for a few things, but decided to put it off until tomorrow, since Jan just wanted to get back home.

I finally got our new South Dakota address from Dakota Post today. We had lost our original one, from MyDakotaAddress that we’ve had since 2007, when they suddenly went out of business with no notice. In fact, when they publically announced the closure, they also said that they had started to reject our mail the week before.

I guess Dakota Post got swamped with new customers because it took a good while to finally get my box number. Something that I really needed since I need to get our Driver’s License renewals in, especially mine, which expires Oct 5th. We have a little more time with Jan’s since hers doesn’t expire until the 25th. It does make it easier though with both our birthdays in the same month.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get back on the generator repair, but that may end up called on a rain delay . . . again. Plus it doesn’t look much better for the rest of the week. Or much of next week either, for that matter. If so, I’ll get back on the phone to Onan and pick some more brains on possible solution to the problem.

One positive for all the rain though, is it’s keeping the daytime temps down, with tomorrow’s high forecast for 80°, and staying in the low 80’s for the rest of the week.


Thought for the Day:

Truth Matters Little If Others Believe The Lies.


8 Responses to So Good She Had Two Bowls . . .

  1. Bill Volstad says:

    And now you know why after 16 years of Houston for a Minnesota boy, we bought a summer place in Wyoming 4 years ago, and get up here up to 6 months of the year. There are +s and -s to both, and we like to take advantage of the +s and avoid the -s.  We were close to Dixie Farm Rd and 518. Sold that one in May, and we’re building new in Round Rock, directly adjacent to Dell Diamond Baseball Park. And so, because we are very comfortable here, we’ll stay as long as we can relative to home completion process. With no portable RV, we are stuck going back to an extended stay hotels as we wait for our home to be finished, with a 11 YO dog whose getting cranky. He’s the proverbial cranky old guy (Think Ron Burkhardt)  who will not take crap from any other animals.

    It was a tough decision since we knew Houston forwards and back, but in the end, we were tired of the coastal weather threats.


    The moral of the story for us is:

    1. Houston from mid-May to Mid-October- Hotter than I want to be.

    2. North western WY is good from end of May thru end of October, with a few snow events mixed in. The rest of winter here entices me, but not on my bucket list.

    3. The gotta bug out factor is unique to each. You do have to suffer a little here (imminent cold and snow) or there (with excessive heat) and hence you have to make a personal decision that works for you. It is up to you to to make that decision  that which works best for you.

    A Different way of saying it is I can deal with 6-9 inches of snow which will melt fairly quickly ie within a day or so.

    Houston is the heat and oppressive humidity that I so quickly get tired of, as well as the storm threats (wind, hurricanes, flooding, power outages, and the list goes on. The don’t happen often, but they can be a big deal under the wrong circumstances

    My $.02 on a dual location lifestyle as we chase the weather,

  2. Lois says:

    I have been trying to sign up for the blog “Confessions of a Pioneer Women” and they don’t make it easy. I get decline saying I have too many blogs and I need to delete them. So I looked and the only 2 I have is yours and Nicks, is it me or there system? I have been trying every day for the last few days. I was able to follow her on Facebook. I know I should be asking there IT guy but I can’t find a contact section.
    Thanks for your input.

  3. Tricia says:

    Us October birthdays have to stick together. Grammar?

  4. Steve Walther says:

    I’ve been with DakotaPost (formerly Alternative Resources) for 14 years now. When I called about getting our drivers licenses renewed on line I was told by the license bureau people we need to have a receipt that we’ve stayed in SD at least on e night in the last year. Is that what you understand?

  5. Russ & Debbie Davis says:

    Hey Greg!
    Love your blog! We have met several times w/Nick & Terry & ya’all, if you remember us.
    We have been grounded for a cple years and are gettingHITCHITCH!
    We are looking into Gate Guarding for Site Watch USA and wondered if you folks had any experience or had any references with them? They have a contract coming in Clovis,NM.
    Russ & Debbie Davis

    • gregwhite says:

      Russ and Debbie,

      Certainly do remember ya’ll. Good to hear from you.

      We gate-guarded with Sitewatch from October 2016 to February 2017 down in the Kenedy/Karnes City area in south Texas, as well as Cuero. Good company to work for.

      Coles Scates is the company co-owner along with his father. 903-372-8287

      Todd Pilcher was our direct supervisor there. 903-520-0510

      Company # is 903-561-9516

      Hope these numbers are still good.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


  6. Russ &Debbie Davis says:

    Thanks Greg!
    See you on down the road & KEEP BLOGGING!

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