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Unicorns and Rainbows . . .

I went out this morning to try and get our DirecTV satellite set up. I knew if was going to be touch ‘n go due to the tall trees directly behind our rig. I spent about 15 minutes walking around the rig, using the Satfinder app to try and find a  gap in the trees that  would let me get a shot at the DirecTV satellite located at 101°

Finally I found one spot at the front edge of our site, almost out in the road, that looked like it might work.


So I got the dome in position and went inside to see how it was going to work. And though I’m only  getting about 75% signal level, it is working so Jan’s happy with it.

About 2pm we headed up to Edgewater to get together with Nick and Terry again. While Jan and Terry talked essential oils, Nick and I worked on several computer problems on his desktop and Terry’s laptop.

I made some progress, but occasionally it seemed like when I stomped out one problem, two new ones appeared. But that’s about par for the course.in the computer biz.

Than around 5pm we drove up to New Smyrna Beach to have dinner at Beef O’ Brady’s, a Nick and Terry favorite. However Jan and I had eaten at one in Terra Haute, IN in 2011, and we weren’t impressed. But this evening was a new ballgame.

While Terry had a Chef Salad, everyone else when the burger route. Nick had his favorite 5 Cheese Burger on Texas Toast,

Beef O' Brady's 5 Cheese Burger

Jan got a Mushroom Cheddar Burger with Grilled Onions,

Beef O' Brady's Mushroom Cheddar Burger

while I got the Amarillo Firecracker Burger with Fried Jalapenos, Bacon, and Monterey Jack Cheese.

Beef O' Brady's Amarillo Firecracker Burger

Really, really good, and worth going back for.

Tomorrow we’re driving down to West Palm Beach to catch with our long-time friend, Charlee. Jan and Charlee worked together at M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital back in the early 80’s before she moved out to Florida. We last got together with her and her husband Bill back in 2009, so it will be good to catch up.

We’ll spend the night before coming back on Saturday afternoon. Really looking forward to it.

Now on to Landon’s latest artwork. Or maybe I should say “Fartwork”.

Brandi asked him to draw her a picture of a Unicorn. So 8 year old boys being 8 year old boys, Landon drew a Unicorn and an Ogre having a farting contest.

Landon Unicorn Fartwork

It’s kind of hard to read the speech bubbles, but the Ogre says, “I have the most powerful fart in the world” and the Unicorn goes “Oh yeah I have a rainbow missile!!”

But it is a real good drawing of a Unicorn.

Thought for the Day:

Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here — Captain John Parker, The Battle of Lexington – 1775


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