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Pool Party Fun . . .

Looking forward to pool time, we were on our way up to Brandi’s by 11:30 with a quick stop for gas at the nearby Valero for gas now that I knew how to get the gas cap cover open.

We got there a little before 1 and headed directly out to the pool. Lowell was already out there, as well as Miss Piper, who had combined two favorite relaxation activities, coloring and getting some sun poolside.

Piper Coloring At The Pool

Brandi and Landon were off on their bikes on a neighborhood playdate, and showed up an hour or so later.

Eventually everyone was in the pool this time, even Miss Jan.

Jan in The Pool

Group In Brandi's Pool

Later on, Brandi went inside and put the steaks on. Well, she put them under water, anyway.

Brandi Sous Vide 1

The kitchen utensils are just being used to weight the bags down and keep them under the water.

Brandi Sous Vide 2

She has one of these Sous Vide Cookers from Amazon.

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

It’s controlled by the cell phone app and the app even notifies you when your food is done.

Sous Vide is a method of cooking by placing the food in plastic bags and immersing it in water heated to an exact temperature. In fact, if you got a steak recently, there’s a good chance it was cooked vis Sous Vide and then thrown on the grill for a last minute sear.

You can learn more about Sous Vide here.

Later our travel agent, Chantelle Nugent, and her family came over for some pool time before we all sat done for steak.

Sous Vide Steaks

Everyone likes their steak at least Medium Rare, so this was perfect. Miss Jan, however, is more of a Medium person, so Brandi put hers under the broiler for few minutes.

All delicious!

Finally, about 6:15 pm, and after a great afternoon, we headed back to Santa Fe, looking forward to another week of fun and frolic.

Thought for the Day: 

“Facts Do Not Cease To Exist Because They Are Ignored.” – Aldous Huxley


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