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It’s Push and Release . . .

First off, Jan want to thank everyone for all the many Happy Birthday wishes. It meant a lot to her.

We were out the door a little before 10:30 heading up to Webster to meet Miss Piper at one of our favorite breakfast places, The Egg and I.

Jan tried the Avocado Toast with a side of Greens,

Egg and I Avocado Toast and Greens

while I got my usual Two Egg Breakfast.

Egg and I Greg Two Eggs 2

But what I want to know is how someone this slender,

Piper Egg and I 10-2018

can eat like this.

Piper’s working at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, where her Nana worked back in the early 80’s right after we moved out here from Alabama and I went to work for NASA..

She’s close to finishing up her B.A. in Psychology and then she’s going right into an MBA in Medical Administration, all while working full time. Pretty much like her Nana and PaPa did about 45 years ago.

While Jan and Piper went out to do the Mani-Pedi thing, I went by her apartment to pick up her bike and take in down to the Bike Barn to have a rear flat tire repaired. While I was there I told them to go ahead and do a Basic Tune-up while they’ve got it.

We all met up back at her apartment and got introduced to her new dog. Violet. Then Jan and I headed off to Sam’s for a prescription pickup and then WalMart for stuff. A lot of stuff, since we hadn’t really shopped since before we left for Florida on the 3rd of this month.

Finally heading home, we made a stop at the new Costco to fill up our Malibu. At $2.29/gal it’s the cheapest place around. But I ran into a problem. I couldn’t get the gas door open.

I first tried to push on one of the edges to ‘rock’ it open. No luck. Then I search all over inside for a remote release, checking in all the usual places, like beside the driver’s seat, inside the glove box, etc. Then I checked all the dash panels and hidden locations. Still no luck.

Then I double-checked the key fob. Also no.

Finally, and reluctantly, it was RTFM time. And . . . there was not one in the vehicle. So finally giving up, we headed on down to Dickinson for a storage room stop, before headed home for the night.

Tomorrow we’re going up to Brandi’s in Katy for an afternoon pool party/cookout. Miss Piper is coming up too,  but separately since she’ll probably have to come home earlier.

Really looking forward to some pool time, especially since Lowell is heating it up just for the occasion.

Brandi sent over a photo of Landon’s prize-winning Halloween costume.

Landon Halloween 2018 Robot Costume

And it lights up, too.

Later a little Googling told me the secret of the Malibu’s gas door. You have to push in on the left edge in just the right place and then immediately release it. And then that edge pops open.

If you don’t push in the right spot, or don’t release it quick enough, it won’t open. Live and Learn.

Thought for the Day: 

”True Love Is Being Stupid Together.”

Words That Jan and I Have Take To Heart.


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