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Counting Down . . .

Today consisted mostly of some final errands as we counted down to leaving on our Florida trip.

But before that, I went outside to check out a problem I noticed during our last couple of trips that our radiator temps were running about 10° – 15° hotter than previously. So I thought I checked out the radiator, since I’d checked my coolant level and found it right. I had cleaned the radiator about six months ago, and found it no dirtier than usual. But opening the grille I found today was a different story.

Rig Radiator Before

The radiator was covered in oil with embedded dirt/gunk, and grass. 

So after spraying it down with Awesome and letting it soak for about 5 minutes, I washed it down, even spraying it from the inside out from the engine compartment. Then I  repeated it again, until I had this.

Rig Radiator After

Much better, and I bet my engine temps are back to normal.

Heading out about 1:30p, and after lunch at Los Ramirez Mexican Restaurant, we stopped by the storage room to drop off some of our yard stuff that we don’t want/need to take on our trip. Then it was on up I-45 where we dropped off our last two rig batteries at the NTB store.

Next up, we went by my client’s office to pick up our last-minute Amazon delivery, and to once again try to get the strapping machine to work.

As I mentioned yesterday, the instructions were in Taiwanese and something that vaguely resembled English. Or at least the words were English.

However the order in which they were arranged left much to be desired. Here what it said.

Like the chart shows, put packed bandage to circle in the packing case, the right hand holds tightening, presses the tension bar, put packed bandage under the clamp and cutter outer covering, the packed bandage terminal have to surpass (length which the tool chart 2 shows) tool, the pine will be open for business the tight pole.

I think my favorite is “the pine will be open for business the tight pole”.

The funny thing about this is that once I watched the YouTube video on how to do it,


the above jabberwocky actually makes sense. Or at least more than,

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:

And this time it only took me about 5 minutes to strap down the box and have it ready to go. Yah YouTube!

Wrapping up with a WalMart stop, a gas/lottery ticket stop, and a PO stop, we were finally home by about 5:30.

After we got settled in, I went outside to pack everything away, disconnecting the water and sewer hoses, let in the awnings, and put away everything else. All I lack now is put away the satellite dish later tonight, and then disconnect the shore power tomorrow morning.

Since we we’ll be traveling without our generator/AC’s, we’re going to leave early, probably between 7:30 and 8am, stopping for the night at Poche’s Fish N Camp in Breaux Bridge, LA.

Finishing up with our countdown theme, here’s the one for our European Cruise Tour.

European Cruise Countdown

Thought for the Day:

If Everybody Likes You, You’re Doing Something Wrong.


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