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Nick Spilled The Beans . . .

Well, I had planned to try and slide this one by, being the The Big Seven OH and all, but my ‘good’ friend Nick Russell spilled the beans in his blog today.

So I want to thank everyone for the many Birthday Wishes I received, from the blog, email, and Facebook. It does somewhat cushion the realization.

And besides being my birthday, Jan enjoys it for another reason. She calls it her Sweet Spot. It’s twenty days a year when we’re both the same age.

Then come October 25th, she’s a cradle robber again.

We’re really enjoying our site here at the Escapees Rainbow Plantation, except for a couple of things.

The Verizon data service is kind of sucky here, and then there are the noisy acorns thunking on the rig roof day and night. Though I guess it could be worse.

We could be parked under the magnolia trees like some nearby sites, with their large, heavy seed pods the size of golf balls.

Magnolia Tree Seed Pods

And these are heavy enough to hurt. When I was a kid we’d use them playing soldier and throw them at each other, pretending they were hand grenades. And they do hurt.

About 2pm we headed down to the Intracoastal Waterway, and another of our long-time local favorites, Lulu’s at Homeport Marina.

For those who don’t know, ‘Lulu’ is what Lucy’s brother Jimmy used to call her. And ‘Jimmy’’ of course, is famed singer Jimmy Buffett

Unlike past visits in  August, when the place is jam-packed, we were seated immediately and got a table out of the deck.

LuLu's 2018 - Jan

And the view of the canal is pretty nice, too.

LuLu's 2018 - Sailboat

Looking over the menu,we discovered a new addition, and it’s one of our favorites – A Wedge Salad.

LuLu's 2018 - Wedge Salad

Delicious, but as I told Jan, it’s the the first we’ve had one that was a ‘kit’ and had to be assembled. And with about 3/4 of a head of lettuce, it was definitely the largest we’ve ever had.

And along with the Bleu Cheese Crumbles, the chunky Bleu Cheese dressing made this probably the best Wedge Salad we’ve ever had.

Jan got her favorite Grilled Shrimp Tacos

LuLu's 2018 - Grilled Shrimp Tacos

while I got my usual Shrimp and Oyster PoBoy.

LuLu's 2018 - Shrimp and Fish PoBoy

One thing about Gulf Shores seafood is that you know it’s all going to be fresh, fresh, fresh. The texture is a dead giveaway.

And of course for dessert, we had to split an order of their famous Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding.

LuLu's 2018 - Bread Pudding

The perfect finish to our meal.

Finishing up, I recently sent out a Change of Address postcard to the folks on our Christmas Card list. It looked like this.

Change Of Address Card

Our first new address in almost 30 years. A big change.

Tomorrow we’re going down to the beach and do some shopping and then have dinner at De Soto’s Seafood Kitchen, another of our local favorites.

Thought for the Day: 

As I always tell Jan, if I say something that can be taken two different ways, and one of them makes her mad, I meant the other one.


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