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Got The Last One . . .

Wanting to get a really early start, we were up at 6:00 and pulling out of our site at the Seasons In The Sun RV Park in Mims, FL at 7:30am

Sunrise was 7:27am.

We circled through the propane fillup area to hitch up and were pulling out on the main road a few minutes before 8. We were on our way so early for two reasons.

One, with all the hurricane cleanup workers in the area, it was dicey as to whether or not we would be able to get a site at the Beaver Lake RV Park in Quincy. They don’t do reservations and it was first come, first served.

Two, if we didn’t get a site here, it would be another 130 miles to a park in Holt, FL.

We hit a few rain squalls between Mims and Jacksonville, but nothing for very long. An then it was clear and sunny west from Jax. And with temps in the low 80’s, it was really comfortable, even cool enough to turn off the dash fans for a while.

We were about 40 miles out of Jacksonville before we started seeing any hurricane damage, but it was mostly downed trees out at the tree line, none of which looked like they would have ended up on the roadway.

I called the Beaver Lake RV Park (with not a lake nor a beaver to be seen) when we were about 20 miles out and was told that they had one site left, but it was still first come . . .  well, you know.

We pulled into the park and I ran into the Marathon station to see if the site was still open. I did notice that there was a work truck parked at the entrance to the rv park area, but didn’t see anyone around it.

When I got inside I got the last site, paid the fee, and also bought Mega-Million tickets for tonight $1 Billion drawing. Coming back out, a 5th wheel pulled past our rig and up behind the work truck.

Turns out that the work truck and the 5th wheel were together and apparently didn’t know that they were supposed to check in at the Marathon station, and instead, were wandering around the RV park beside the station looking to check in.

So we really lucked out.

For dinner tonight we had the Sonny’s BBQ that we picked up yesterday morning just for this meal.

Tomorrow we have a short 188 mile run to Robertsdale, AL. Riverside RV Park is right off I-10 with an easy in-easy out. It really didn’t make sense to make the 40 mile round trip down to the Escapees Park since we’re only staying one night.

We had a fantastic time seeing everyone again. Long-time friends, Carol and Charlee, Bill, and Monica, and of course, Nick and Terry Russell. We won’t wait for another ten years to come down here again.

I told Jan that there was only one thing that could have made this visit better. She asked, “What?”

I said, “Two more weeks.”

Then she said, “Yeah, but it still wouldn’t have been enough.”

And that’s the truth!

Now for the Recap:

Wednesday,Oct 17

There was a Atlas-Centaur launch from the Cape about 12:15am that Nick called and alerted me to. Checking online I found the launch streaming online, and a soon as I heard ‘Ignition’, I went outside and scanned the trees, not knowing what I would see. But then rising through the tree limbs, I saw this.

Atlas Launch 1

Atlas Launch 2

Atlas Launch 3

It was a couple of minutes before I heard the deep rumble, more like distant thunder echoing on for several minutes.

Nice but not nearly impressive as the Shuttle launch we saw when we were here in 2009.

Shuttle Launch 2009 -1

Shuttle Launch 2009 -2

With that one you actually felt the physical ‘push’ when the sound hit you a few seconds later.

For dinner that night we made a second visit to the SeaShack up in New Smyrna Beach. Just as good as the first time.

Later, coming back to the rig we decided to check out Frisbee’s Ice Cream Stand. In the daytime it looks like this.

Frisbee's Ice Cream

But it’s even more impressive at night.

Frisbee's Ice Cream Night

Frisbee's Ice Cream Night 2

Jan got a delicious Pumpkin Parfait, with Caramel and Pecans,

Frisbee's Pumpkin Parfait

while I got the Coffee. Both really good.

BTW the name of the place, “Frisbee’s’ is not named for the flying disc, but it’s the name of the family that owns and runs the place.

A neat place.

Thursday, Oct 18

Our last day with Nick and Terry.

First up this morning we drove into Titusville to pick up a to-go order from Sonny’s BBQ to have Friday night after we’re back on the road.

Then it was on over to Nick and Terry’s for our last time together. After sitting around talking for a while, we all headed up to the Daytona Beach area. Jan and I were up here several times when we were dating, but except for the Speedway, there was nothing really recognizable to us.

Our first stop was at Hankster’s Hot Rods, a classic hot rod / muscle car showroom / museum.

Hankster's 1

Hankster's 2

Hankster's 3

Hankster's 5

Hankster's 6

Now that’s a engine – A 426 cu.in. 425hp Hemi.

Pretty much all the cars here are for sale, with prices ranging up to $70,000. So if you’ve got the bucks, that Hemi ‘Cuda you were drooling over when you were 16, could be yours.

I mean, the Mega-Million’s is up to $1 Billion tonight.

Finishing up, we checked out one of Nick and Terry’s favorite Chinese places, the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffett, just down the road from the Daytona Speedway. Really good, and one of the largest selections we’ve seen.

Thought for the Day: 

Power is more often surrendered than seized.


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