A Wild and Crazy Night . . .

Or Morning, Actually.

I knew there was a front coming through last night, what with the high on Friday at 72° and 53 forecast for today. But what was strange was that as the night went on, the temp went up, starting at about 64° around 6pm up to 69 when I went to bed around 11.

But by around 3am the temps plummeted and the wind picked up. And by ‘picked up’, my LaCrosse Weather Station showed gusts in excess of 40mph. The rig was rocking and rolling, and the window awning on Jan’s side of the bed came unhooked and rolled up with a loud bang.

Karma got so upset that she abandoned the bottom of the bed and was huddling in the bathroom. The wind gusts meant that the accompanying rain was slashing against the RV, making even more noise. But by about 5am it had all settled down to a dull roar. And temps in the low 40’s.

When I went outside this morning, it was because the DirecTV was down, and this is what I saw first

January 2019 Windstorm 1

And as I suspected, this was the problem with our Winegard Traveler Dome.

January 2019 Windstorm 2

Luckily, after setting it back upright and rebooting it, the system came right back up. The last time this happened was in October 2015 when we were gate guarding, and there was a cow was involved.


Tomorrow we’re heading up to the Sugarland area to watch Landon play hockey and then have lunch at the nearby Floyd’s Cajun BBQ.

Landon Hockey 2019

Looking forward to both.

Thought for the Day: 

To err is human, to admit it is divine.


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