It Just Won’t Stop . . .

Today at work consisted of even more updates, corrections, and price changes. In some cases, I was correcting the updates of the price changes. Things kept changing faster than I could keep up.

I think by the end of the day I was further behind than when I started.

Sometime this weekend we’re going to have to go to our storage room and pick up one of our small electric heaters, a Sunbeam model

These nights when it goes down into the low 30’s, our two Lasko heaters just can’t keep up, even trying to just hold the temp to 60° So we’ll add in the other one to give it a boost.

Several readers commented about the battery location in Miss Piper’s Mazda Miata, being in the trunk. I think the strangest one was the 1998 Dodge Intrepid we had a while before we started RV’ing.

The easiest way to get to the battery was inside the right front wheel well. You could get to it from above but it was much more difficult. I think all design engineers should be required to work on stuff they design.

I remember an 80’s model Pontiac that to get to a rear spark plug, you had to either drop an engine mount  or drill a hole in a frame member to let you a socket and extension in there.

I’m still waiting for the weather to warm up/dry up so I can get under the rig again to follow up on my  rig oil leak. I plan on washing area down to remove all the oil residue and then drop the filter, and see what, if anything, I can see.

Then, since I’m in there, I’ll go ahead and replace the filter once again. Then it may be time for another test drive.

And in a related item, as we were coming back from Alvin last week we took a different route on FM517 and came across a place called Power Field Services. And out front was a big sign that said RV Generator Repair.

Note to self.

Wrapping up for today, it’s getting closer.

Screenshot_Time Until

Only 3 months to go.

Thought for the Day:
  The shallower the stream, the louder the babble.


2 Responses to It Just Won’t Stop . . .

  1. Michael says:

    Battery in my Grand Cherokee is in a compartment under the passenger seat. Two terminals under the hood provide a location for receiving and giving jump starts.

  2. Tricia says:

    60 degrees? Brrr

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