It’s in the TRUNK!

We were out the door about 8:30 this morning, eventually on our way up to The Woodlands’ area. But we had a couple of stops on the way.

I knew had been in the low 30’s last night, probably our lowest temps so far. But I didn’t expect what amounts to a freeze with frost on the grass

Grass Freeze Jan 2019 - 1

and a hard coating of ice on the truck windshield and windows.

Windshield Freeze Jan 2019

Our first stop was at my client’s to pick up my battery charger that he’d borrowed. Then it on to Miss Piper’s to get her Mazda Miata started. However my client neglected to tell me that one of battery charger clamps had broken off.

I tried to get it reconnected, but could never get a good enough connection to get a charge on the battery, so I finally had to resort to jumper cables. I had not done this to start with because I didn’t have room to get the truck close enough without blocking other vehicles, many of who were leaving for work. But by the time I gave up on the battery charger, I now had clearance to get my truck in position.

Luckily my son Chris had clued me in on the battery location in Piper’s Miata. Otherwise, we might still be looking for it.

It’s in the TRUNK!

Shades of our ‘64 VW, where it was under the back seat. Of course the engine was back there too, so it kind of made sense. But the Miata’s engine is in the front.

Since the battery was completely dead, no blinky, no buzzy, Chris and I suspected that she had left something on, rather than a dying battery. And after I let it charge for a few minutes I had Piper try it, and it started right up.

So before we got on the way, I told her to drive it around for about 45 minutes or so, and then come back home, turn it off, and try it again. And as she texted later, it started right up again.

The battery looks pretty new, so hopefully it didn’t sustain any long term damage. But we’ll see, I guess.

Then it was on up I-45 to The Woodlands and the Longhorn Steakhouse to meet up with some of our favorite RV friends.

Longhorn Woodlands Group 1

From the left, we’ve got Ed Hurlburt, of Facebook’s RV Tips fame, my Jan, Debi Hurlburt, of Debi’s RV Cooking, Janice Evans, and Dave Evans.

Though we both like Wedge Salads, Jan hasn’t like Longhorn’s version since it’s actually done with Romaine stalks, rather than Iceberg. And Jan’s not a big Romaine fan.

Longhorn Woodlands Group Wedge Salad

But after she saw, and tasted mine, she’s changed her mind.

After a great time, and a plan to do it again in a few weeks, we all headed out, with Jan and I stopping at the HEB right down the feeder, looking for some of their Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Coffee. But they didn’t stock any whole bean coffees.

Then it was on back down to the Alvin area for Jan’s one-week checkup on her right eye cataract surgery. Her doctor said her eye’s look great, and to come back in 3 weeks for her final checkup and a prescription for her glasses. Which should wrap all this up.

Leaving the doctor’s office we made an Alvin WalMart stop for some things before we got home a little after 5pm.

A really fun day, especially with the good news on Jan’s eyes.

And good friends, of course.

Thought for the Day:

A society grows great when old men plant trees, in whose shade they know they will never sit.


4 Responses to It’s in the TRUNK!

  1. Doug Sage says:

    I assume the final check up is in three months now three years. 😜

  2. Norm says:

    It’s amazing were they put batteries in cars today.

  3. James Corey says:

    Memory certainly isn’t as good as ir used to be, but wasn’t the battery under the front passenger seat on that vintage VW

    • gregwhite says:


      Don’t know about other years, but on my 1964 Bug, it was definitely under the passenger side rear seat.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


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