Still Going . . . And Going . . . And Going!

Catching up on a few things that went on while the blog was in la-la land, on Sunday the 23rd of December, we all got together at Brandi’s up in Katy for our family Christmas.

With Lowell’s parents coming down from Oklahoma, and Chris and Linda coming down from Kingsland, and the possibility of going-home bad weather, we decided to have our get-together on the 23rd.

Christmas 2019-1

Brandi always does a great job with the whole decorating thing.

Christmas 2019-3

Note the 3 stockings labeled K, M, and B. Their pets get their own stockings. K for Miss Kitty, the dog, M for Mooshi the cat, and B for Baxter the dog.

Christmas 2019-2

Brandi decided to do a Texas Christmas this year, so she did a delicious brisket. The first one she’s done, and it came out great.

Christmas 2019-4

So a Christmas dinner plate looked like this. If that doesn’t scream ‘Texas’ I don’t know what does.

Christmas 2019-5

Everybody got presents except Jan. Or at least, she didn’t get anything from me. Because her gift was wandering around the country. It got to Houston, then left Houston for Dallas, and then disappeared. And by the time it was decided that it was gone for good, Amazon was sold out.

By the time they were back in stock, and Jan got it, it was January 4th. So Jan got her present a little late, but really love it. She had mentioned a while back that she would like a Fitbit. So she got this one.

Jan's Christmas Fitbit

Fitbit Charge HR

And in a favorite color too.

While the blog was down we passed several milestones along the way. First up January 6th marked the beginning of my second year of Duolingo Spanish lessons.

I wish the lessons had more conversation practice, but I can read and write fairly good, but not as well yet as I could when we were living in Colombia, S.A when I was 13-14.

I also wish they would concentrate more on conversation and idioms rather than semi-obscure parts of speech like Past Imperfect, Subjunctive Past, and Conditional Perfect.

I may look at doubling up using another online service like Babbel.

In addition I just started my 4th trip through the 113 lessons that make up the course.

We passed another milestone in our RV life on the same day. January 6th  marks the beginning of our 12th year of Full-Timing, since it’s the day we picked up our 1999 American Eagle from Roman Holiday Motor Coaches in San Marcos, TX.

And we’re still having fun.

Following on my recent blog trauma, every time I called Godaddy I got one of two stories. Either my blog was ‘out of date’, or the server was ‘under mitigation’. But it took another week or so before they would even consider moving me to a new server. Why the reluctance, I don’t know.

And even then, they wanted me to do the move using their 1 Click Migration feature. But when I mentioned I had a lot of problems doing this when I upgraded from a regular WordPress site to a Managed WordPress one, I was told it would work fine.

It didn’t .

And it didn’t again when I tried it again two days later.

But when I finally got a hold of Tom, my first glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, and with no train involved. He said with the size of my blog, with 10 years of posts, meant it would never work with a 1 Click move. He then started moving the blog manually, which took over an hour. But at the end, the blog was up and running on the new server with no problems. And none since then.

Since the Jetpack plug-in can’t be moved, until I get the Jetpack plug-in installed and configured, there won’t be any blogs emailed out. And it may bet that people will have to re-subscribe anyway.

I’ll let you know.

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5 Responses to Still Going . . . And Going . . . And Going!

  1. Bobbie Chapman says:

    So glad you are back. It was really messing up my morning routine not having you around.

  2. Janna says:

    Glad Jan finally got her Christmas present–we had two Christmas packages lost by FedEx this season, both arrived two or three days after Christmas.

  3. George Rawley says:

    I have to agree with Bobbi, GREAT to have you back.
    My only problem is you r blog does not come in ad a email, I have to search for it. How do I correct it

    • gregwhite says:


      As I mentioned in the blog the last couple of days, Jetpack, the blog plug-in that controls all that and lot more, has to be completely reinstalled and configured due to the migration to the new server.

      So right now there are no emailed blogs going out at all, and probably won’t be for several days.

      I’ll let everyone know on the blog when it’s working again.


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