Still Not Working Right . . .

I’m not really sure that the blog server move has actually happened. The blog is still acting up, just not as often it seems.

But just remember, they’re working on it.

3 Responses to Still Not Working Right . . .

  1. Denis says:

    Somehow I no longer receive daily updates from your blog. I tried to find a place so I could rejoin the mailing list, but could not find it.

    • gregwhite says:


      As I mentioned in the blog the last couple of days, Jetpack, the blog plug-in that controls all that and lot more, has to be completely reinstalled and configured due to the migration to the new server.

      So right now there are no emailed blogs going out at all, and probably won’t be for several days.

      I’ll let everyone know on the blog when it’s working again.


  2. Tom says:

    From the Godaddy tech who got it this time, and a fellow traveler, im watching to make sure it stays up. Also, ill be following your blog in the future.

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