Supposedly . . .

Supposedly . . .

Supposedly, Godaddy has moved the blog to a new server after finally, ‘grudingly’ admitting the problem was really theirs.

So Supposedly, the problem is fixed. But we’ll see.

The site has been up since 7:12pm last night, BUT it should have been back up yesterday afternoon, but apparently it didn’t stablize until last night.

And of course, it was up for 28 hours and 40 minutes last week, leading me to believe that it was fixed then too.

So as I said, we’ll see.

If it’s still up tonight, I’ll start posting regular blogs again.

Stay tuned!

6 Responses to Supposedly . . .

  1. Cat Lady says:

    Finally. Welcome back.

    • Davy says:

      FYI, Greg: At 11:05 AM central time 1/6/2018 your blog did not load the first time I tried it. It immediately loaded when I clicked “reload”.

  2. Lois says:

    So how do I get on your email list again?

  3. Leonard Coffelt says:

    Greg: I’ve been knocked off your email subscription list, and have not found a way to get back on. Help!!!!!!

  4. Leonard Coffelt says:

    Oh Yes!

    I could not load your blog by going to “”. I had to come via some sort of back door. I first went to Nick’s blog for Gypsy Journal, and searched for Greg White, where your blog address for “” could be selected, and It worked. I don’t how, but I finally got to your blog site, so I could send you a message.

    • gregwhite says:

      I could not load your blog by going to “”. I had to come via some sort of back door


      The problem may be that the blog address is really, and not


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