Very Potholely . . .

Back at work this morning, I had a lot of prices to update in both the catalog and on the website. January is the prime time for companies to raised their prices, so it’s a busy time.

Plus a lot of companies use this time to introduce new products, which is much more time-consuming, since I have to take photos for both the catalog and website. Then in many cases I have to move things around,  and sometimes even add pages.

Of course this means that both the index and the table of contents have to be updated. If the previous guy had only set the catalog up correctly to start with, Adobe InDesign would have automatically updated both when I add and subtract pages. Oh well.

We got another used machine in last week that I had to replace the power switch on this morning, and then check it out. Everything worked OK, except for the air system. Many of these machines have an extra-cost option of air cooling during the electrolysis treatment.

But this one was dead.

AirPump Old One

When I checked on a replacement, I found they were no longer made, and due to that, a new one was almost $200.

Yikes. It’s an air pump.

So checking Amazon, I found this one.


It’s slightly smaller, much quieter, more powerful, but with an adjustable output. And even better, it’s only $15.98.

Should be here on Wednesday.

When we came home from Jan’s eye appointment last Friday we found they were putting down new gravel on the road.

Petticoat Junction New Road

In the last month, with all the rain, it had become very potholely with too many to dodge around. Then today they came back through with a spreader/leveler and graded it out.

Looks and rides great.

Our son-in-law Lowell texted this over this afternoon. And I didn’t even know they were building one over there.

Buc-ee's Alabama

Another Buc-ee’s for us to stop at on our way to Gulf Shores


The Headline of the Day:

“Cleaner air could mean more global warming, expert says”.
OK, what the hell are we supposed to do now?

Thought for the Day: 

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way. – Mark Twain


3 Responses to Very Potholely . . .

  1. Raymond says:

    Greg I know you have spoke about your Breville Counter Top Oven in the past, is it still a good as you talked about? My Wife is interested in purchasing one and looking on line there are several Models, can you recommend a Model Number you would purchase.

    • gregwhite says:


      Sorry to be so long getting back on this. I missed it when it first came through.

      We’ve not had a Breville for a number of years. The one we had last about two years and then died.

      Right out of warranty.

      We replaced it with a plain toaster oven, since we never used the convection oven part since our Sharp microwave is also a convection oven.

      Check with Nick Russell on his blog. I’m pretty sure Terry has one and really likes it.

      Thanks for reading our blog. We appreciate the comment.


  2. Chris says:

    Greg we passed the new Buc-EEs on OUR way to Gulf Shores
    a few weeks ago. Place was getting ready to open but we pulled in and looked/drove around. This place is incredibly huge. There are 15 lines of pumps with 4 full pump station, including diesel in each line. So 60 altogether. All under one roof. Probably a Tesla charging station somewhere too.
    Plus the two huge buildings to hold all the Kolashes or whatever, and Beaver nuggets whatever those are.
    I have never seen gas station so huge. Funny thing is there was a pump with a sign said reserved for GWhite

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