Blog Called on Account Of . . .

Rain, Sleet, Snow, Ice, and it’s cold as Hell!

The temperature went down to 21° last night, but we stayed warm and toasty.

Until the power went off at 2am. And stayed off.

And as of 10pm tonight, it’s still off.

But we held out as long as we could.

Finally about 1pm when it was 25 outside the rig, and 41 inside the rig, we gave it up.

20210215 Snow

We knew that they were going to be doing short (30-60 minutes) rolling blackouts, but we had been off almost 12 hours. And then our daughter Brandi called from up in Katy saying she had heard on TV that if you didn’t have power now, you probably wouldn’t get it back for a couple of days.

So I was on the phone to the La Quinta over on I-45 in Texas City, booked us a room, and we were on our way over there about 45 minutes.

We were so cold that turning the heater in the Jeep was almost painful. And even more painfully was the fact that that when we got to the hotel they couldn’t check us in since their power had just gone off and the computers were off.

And though a real comedy of errors, we didn’t finally get into our room until about 8:30pm.

But more about that tomorrow.

We’re warm and toasty again.

9 Responses to Blog Called on Account Of . . .

  1. Linda in NE says:

    Glad you’re warm again. Supposed to be -23 or colder here tonight. That’s temp, not windchill. We’ve also gotten notice of rolling blackouts for the next 48 hours. Hope it comes back on if it goes off.

  2. Gail says:

    Happy you are warm, but why didn’t you just fire up the generator?   And where is Ms. Karma?

  3. M says:

    Greg and Jan,

    So glad you are safe and warm.

    As a native Texan living in Florida I can’t believe how cold it is there!!

    Apparently over half of the wind turbines in W. Texas are frozen… so much for wind energy 😳

    Maybe oil and gas would be a good source…. Hmmm….. pipeline?  :0)

    Stay safe.


  4. Lois says:

    I live in PA, welcome to my world!


    Stay safe!

  5. Jerry Walter says:

    Stay warm. Here in Kansas City at 5 am it’s at -9. Others are much colder. It looks like a warm up should be coming your way. Have had some blackouts in area but none here at our home. Stay safe.

  6. Bob Plaskon says:

    Hopefully you plumbing in the RV will be OK. Maybe use the inverter for the light bulb? Good luck.

  7. Paul Stough says:

    Lots of misinformation on he cause of the electrical problems in Texas.  Two mornings ago in Central Iowa it was -32 and the wind turbines were still working. Texas cheaped out on wind turbines thinking it would get this cold in Texas.

    Texas electric grid was at the mercy of cold weather – The Washington Post

  8. Ellen says:

    Why didn’t you use your genny? That’s the great thing about living in an RV– you have water, and electricity when you use the generator to heat and cook when others don’t.

    • gregwhite says:


      Our genny has been down for a while since I’ve been concentrating on getting my oil leak fixed. Plus it didn’t seem to be a high priority at the time since this is only the second time since 2011 that we’ve needed it while parked somewhere.


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