Adult Supervision Needed . . .

Jan and I had lunch once again today at our favorite Pho Barr, starring with their Grilled Pork Spring Rolls.

Pho Barr Grilled Pork Spring Rolls 3

Then Jan got her usual Grilled Chicken Vermicelli Bowl, with enough left over to take home for lunch on Monday.

Pho Barr Vermicelli Bowl with Grilled Chicken

I got my favorite Pho Ga, which means it has Chicken in it.

Pho Barr Pho Ga with Chicken

It’s actually hard to believe how much chicken is in this.

And once again, our regular waiter just shook his head when I asked about the progress on the Pho Barr down in our area.

Finishing up, our next stop was at the office to drop off a bunch of my Amazon boxes for us to use to ship out stuff. Our office manager says it seems that I’m the one that keeps them in boxes with all my Amazon orders.

I also picked my my battery-powered drill that I for a project here at home.

Black & Decker Drill

Probably the best drill I’ve ever owned.

Next it was on back down to our area for a WalMart run.

One thing I noticed is that while they weren’t real busy, they had 9 of the 12 checkout lanes open. But the last time we were there and they were very busy, they had only 4 lanes open. What’s up with that?

Then home after a nice day.

Tomorrow it’s Gator’s Bar & Grill  and HEB, along with a quick stop at our storage room to get a photo of what we have in it so we can show the movers to get an estimate for moving us to a new storage location.

I mentioned earlier that our present place had jumped our rate for a 10 x 20 Climate-Controlled unit from $152/month to $232/month, an $80 jump, or over 52%. This after a $20 jump last year. And when I called them this past Thursday to confirm that the letter I received, the young lady immediately offered to drop the increase to $40. So maybe they’re getting some pushback on this.

I took it of course, since my next payment at the new amount comes due next Wednesday, the 23rd. But I’m still moving our stuff.

I just didn’t tell her that.

Thought For The Day:

Found on the Net. Some people shouldn’t be left alone without adult supervision.

I have a friend that flies for a small air charter service here in Alaska. While dropping off a couple at a remote cabin he asked if they had any “bear repellent” as this was brown bear country. My pilot friend gave them two cans of bear spray, a super-strong capsaicin-based defense spray. As he taxied to the end of the lake to take off, he looked back to see the now partially-clothed couple writhing in agony on the beach. Upon returning to the dock he discovered that they had used the bear spray in the manner of mosquito repellent! Soaking themselves with it to smell bad for the bears. I have it on good authority that there are times when a soak in a 37 degree Alaskan lake can feel real good!