They Like Us. They Really Like Us . . .

As I mentioned in yesterday’s non-blog, we had the Alvin Opry last night, this time with a Valentine’s Day special. They served a Spaghetti dinner, along with bread, salad, and a drink. And I don’t know if there was a direct connection, but they had the largest crowd we’ve seen so far.

Alvin Opry Crowd 20220211

And this is early on. By the time the show started, almost every table was filled.

Nice to see.

Also nice to see were the special Reserved signs Shalane Colston, the Event Coordinator, had made up for the regulars.

Alvin Opry Reserved Sign 20220211

The Texas Express Band did their usual great job, and had a new fiddle player, Jeanette Shackleford since Keith Junot, the regular one, is in the hospital. And she turned out to be really good.

Alvin Opry Jeanette Shackleford 20220211

A really great night.

Today was lunch at Denny’s with Angie, our usual great waitress, and our usual delicious Ultimate Omelets. Angie always remembers what we order, though she always doubel checks it with us first. And apparently it’s not just us.

Someone who came in right after us also asked for her, and a few minutes later, I heard Angie confirm their regular order too.

Wonder how many she remembers?

Then it was on up the Interstate to drop off a lot of money at Costco. Of course we got a lot of nice stuff in return.

One thing was a new chair mat for under our computer desk gaming chair. I got one from Amazon that was essentially a rug with sticky stuff on the down side. But it tends to wrinkle and catch the chair wheels.

So I was glad to find this heavy-duty hard plastic one for only $30, the same price I paid for the cloth one.

Trendsetter Chair Mat

But even better is that we found that Costco carries Junior’s Cheesecake, from our favorite place off Time Square in NYC. So we couldn’t resist getting one.

Costco Junior's Cheesecake

Though we’ve never had the Irish Cream flavor, it was the only flavor they had in stock.

And when we had a slice this evening, it turned out to be Irish Cream coffee flavored.

Really good and great memories of our times in NYC.

So now we have access locally to two of our NYC favorites, Junior’s Cheesecake and Grimaldi’s Pizza.

Happy times!

Thought For The Day:

Also, the Indian Maiden on the Land O”Lakes Butter package was drawn by an American Indian artist, using his daughter as a model. Now consigned to the dustbin of history by a company who caved.

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