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Beans or No Beans . . .

In last night’s blog I talked about how the list of the 18 oldest restaurants in the US started all sorts of arguments about restaurants some people thought were older. Of course that’s not the only thing people argue about.

Point in fact:
Aggies or Longhorns
Alabama or Auburn

and important to Texans –
Beans or No Beans

Personally I think it’s probably what you grew up eating. In my case, in Alabama, chili had beans in it. If it didn’t have beans in it, it wasn’t really chili, more like hot dog chili.

Chili is supposed to have beans. It says it right there on the can – Chili Beans. Where else would you put them?

Why is there any confusion?

Another example is that in some places in Louisiana when you order a bowl of gumbo, it comes with a scoop of potato salad that you’re suppose to plop in the middle of the gumbo. Other areas never heard of this.

On the subject of chili again, in the Cincinnati area another argument is Skyline or Gold Star. Though not chili in the Texas way, it’s really popular in Oho, Indiana, Kentucky, and even Florida. Skyline Chili has been around since 1949, a few years before Gold Star. And with over 160 locations, it’s the larger of the two chains.

The biggest difference with Cincinnati chili is that it has chocolate in it, not a lot, but just enough to have to give it that special taste.

The other difference is that Cincinnati chili is normally served over spaghetti, like this.

Skyline Chili 5 Ways

Cincinnati chili is rated in ‘Ways’. Above is Chili 5 Ways.
Cincinnati Chili

While Chili 3 Ways is:
Cincinnati Chili

And 4 Ways is with either Beans or Onions.

There is the fabled ‘6 Ways’ that’s kind of undefined. It could be sausage or cut-up hot dogs on top, or anything else you might want.

If you want to check it out for yourself, Kroger sells cans of Skyline Chili.

I mentioned the two new additions to Jan’s Flamingo Flamboyance, and we finally got them put in place the other day.

Flamingo Flamboyance 20220301

They’re the two big red ones in front.

And I think that’s about it. There’s almost no room to put any more.

Thought For The Day:

Imagine, if you will, a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it.