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We Have A Date . . .

First up, I want to thank everyone for their concern about my BPPV attack. It faded as the day went on, and was gone by this morning, just as it the past.

I went out early this morning to try and remove my shore water inlet check valve. It turned out to be both harder and easier than I had expected, mainly because my fingers don’t quite have the strength that they did back in 2013 when I last replaced this.

RV Water Inlet Check Valve

I got the old one out and the new one in, but I couldn’t get it tightened down without a Crescent wrench. However it was about time for us to head out for lunch/errands so I’ll finish it up this afternoon.

Lunch today was the Pho Barr up in Webster once again. And now we have a date.

The new Pho Barr down in our area is supposed to open next Saturday, April 2nd.  So I guess we’ll see next weekend.

After finishing up our shopping errands and we were back home I used a Crescent wrench to tighten down the fittings on the new inlet/check valve. And now it looks like that problem is fixed. There are no leaks, shore water now goes in, and no water comes out when there’s nothing hooked up to it. So the check valve part is working. I’ll finish mounting it tomorrow.

I said ‘that problem’ was fixed because I have another one that I found when I was working on this one.

Water Tank Ball Valve

This is the ball valve that diverts shore water into our 100 gallon fresh water tank to fill it up. When the handle is straight up, like in the photo, shore water works as usual. But when the valve is turned down to the left, water is sent to the tank. However now when the valve is in the tank fill position, a stream of water, kind of like what comes out of a squirt gun, comes out the back of the valve.

The exact replacement, is now only sold in Europe, but I found one on Amazon (of course) that should work, and will be here on Monday.

It’s always something.

Thought For The Day:

Works For Me!

Evacuation Plan