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Just An Error?

My new water tank ball valve should be here tomorrow from Amazon.

New Water Tank Ball Valve

It’s a little shorter than the original one, but I think there’s enough slack in the piping to make it work. But if not I can always put in some spacer pieces.

I did check outside after our showers and found no evidence of any leaks, so, so far so good.

I’ll try to install the new valve, as well as my 4 port hose splitter on Tuesday. Maybe.

Jan and I headed out about 1pm, with, unusually, a few errands before we were going to have lunch. Our first stop was at the UPS Store next to the HEB to drop off an Amazon return. We wanted to do it first since the close earlier on Sunday.

Next up was the nearby Home Depot to pick up a couple of things, before ending up at the big Goodwill store right next to the WalMart. Jan was looking for a couple of things, but didn’t find anything that caught her eye.

After that it was over to the Denny’s right across the street, and the reason for delaying lunch.

Denny’s is very, very busy on Sunday mornings/early afternoons, but we’ve learned that if we wait until after 2pm, we can get right in.

I do have a correction about our last visit to Denny’s. Or maybe it was Denny’s correction.

The last time we were here I noticed that our Ultimate Omelets, previously $10.99, had jumped to $16.49. So today when we sat down, I looked at the menu and it said the Ultimate Omelet was still $10.99. Now I know our receipt last said Ultimate Omelet, so the only thing I can see is that someone mistakenly mispriced the omelet. So just an error.

And when we got our bill today, it said $10.99 each.


Finally our last stop was HEB for next week’s groceries. And then we were home by about 3:30.

Our son-in-law Lowell posted this photo, saying that the pool is open for the summer.

Brandi's Pool Landon & Sophie 20220326

Looks like Landon, and probably his BFF Sophie, are enjoying the warmer weather.

Thought For The Day:

Looks like it’s been a lot hotter in the past.
15,000 Year Climate Temps