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After 40 Years, They’re Back . . .

Here A Scam, There A Scam.

Maybe it’s because Spring in the air, but the Scams are in Bloom. I’ve gotten 3 in the last two weeks.

The latest one is pretty simple, I guess talking about my ‘long-lost cousin’ from Denmark.

I need you to be the beneficiary to the account of late Craig White, who died last year March in car crash here in Copenhagen.
I was his banker.

Anders Jensen

There’s no link to click, so I guess I’m supposed to reply and tell him where to send my inheritance.

Next up was a email from Navy Federal Credit Union, where I DON’T have an account, telling me that my account has been locked

NFCU Alert

And then there’s this one from Chase, where I DO have an account.

Chase Alert

Of course all of the links and the return email addresses go somewhere other than where they’re supposed to

After 40 Years, They’re Back . . .

Landon, et. al., started out Spring Break with breakfast at IHOP yesterday, playing with his Rubik’s Cube. He also had it last weekend when we met them at Pho Barr up in Katy. It’s the first time I’ve seen one in years, but apparently they’re back in style.

Landon at IHOP with Rubik's Cube

They were all the rage back in the early 80’s when I was at NASA-JSC, and I had 2 or 3, including one of the tiny ones that was only about 1” square. It took me about two weeks to learn one of the algorithms to solve a cube from any starting position. In fact, once you know the procedure, you can do any cube blindfolded.

We can across this photo of my Cutie, one that she doesn’t remember ever seeing before.

Baby Jan 3 -500

She looks about 18 months old, so it was probably taken in Kentucky.

Just as cute as ever.

Thought For The Day:

Boy Did I Call It