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Dig World . . .

Lunch today was at Spring Creek BBQ right out on I-45. We wanted to stay in this area because Jan had a hair appointment at the Cost Cutters down here

And as usual, Ribs and Brisket, with Beans and Beans.

Spring Creek 20220319

Really great!

Then after Jan’s hair was done, it was back across the Interstate for a few things at WalMart, before heading home.

Recently I came across this new theme park at Katy Mills Mall right near Brandi and Lowell’s.

Called Dig World, it allows anyone, including kids, to operate full-size Caterpillar mini-excavators, skid steers, and UTV vehicles on 3.5 acres.

Dig World 2

Little ones can operate machinery themselves (of age and height appropriate) or with adult supervision.

Dig World 1

The park has a partnership with construction giant Mustang Cat. Dig World has also partnered with Texas A&M’s Department of Construction Science to educate and spread awareness about the construction industry.

Along with construction equipment, the park will also boast a playground, a gem-mining station, a turf field with yard games, and other attractions.

They have plans to open 10 Dig World parks throughout the U.S. over the next few years.

Glacial Archaeologists Just Uncovered Ancient Reindeer Hunting Tools Atop A Mountain In Norway

Recently this article showed up online, and while it’s interesting in itself, to me it’s more interesting in what it doesn’t talk about.]

As glaciers shrink in Norway, they’ve pulled back the curtain on humanity’s ancient past. Upon the mountainous peak of Sandgrovskardet, glacial archaeologists have found a number of reindeer hunting tools from 1,700 years ago that were once hidden by the ice.

“There is a lot of melting going on due to climate change, and we had to prioritize other sites in the short time window for glacial archaeological fieldwork,” explained Lars Pilø, an archaeologist at the Department of Cultural Heritage, Innlandet County Council, Norway; co-director of the Glacier Archaeology Program; and editor of the Secrets of the Ice website.

The thing that’s never directly mentioned in the article is the fact that 1700 years ago there were no glaciers here. So the melting glaciers, supposedly caused by global warming global cooling climate change is just putting us back where the climate was almost 2000 years ago.

But now we’ve only got 15 years 10 years 9.8 years until we’re all doomed.

Thought For The Day:

When you’re at Walmart and your Support Possum refuses to wear his little vest and walk on his leash.

Support Possum