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An Oldie but A Goodie . . . Sea Lions and Sea Food

From May 18, 2010

Just what I wanted to see when I got up this morning – Rain.

Few things are more fun than trying to get ready to roll while you’re getting soaking wet.

But I guess it’s about time we saw some actual northwestern rainy weather. We’ve actually have very little rain since we hit the west coast.

Into every life, and all that.

We left Midway RV Park about 8 am, earlier than normal, because we wanted to stop and see the Sea Lion Cave just north of Florence, OR.

We got there about 10 am and found easy parking for our rig. But then we had a mad dash across the street to the entrance, trying to dodge cars zooming by on US101.

Remember Frogger? It was like that.

But it was all worth the trip. The cave was really great!

The Sea Lion Cave was discovered in 1880 and opened as a tourist attraction in 1932 when US101 was still only a gravel road.


And by the mid 50’s it was still going strong. Don’t you just love those car colors.


This pic, from the observation deck shows you the kind of weather we had today.


We had about a 100 yard walk along the trail leading to the elevator.

SeaLionView 1

We took the 200 foot elevator down to the sea lion cave and looked out into what is billed as the largest sea cave in the world.

And there were sea lions everywhere. Along the walls, on the rocks, in the water, all over.

SeaLionCave 1

SeaLionCave 2


SeaLionCave 3

The other end of the cave looks out over the cormorant rookery, and what is called “The Most Photographed Lighthouse in the World”, the Heceta Lighthouse.

SeaLionCave 4

Cormorant Rookery


Back on the surface we looked out over the other side of the cave.

SeaLionCave 5

We arrived at Circle Creek RV Park just south of Seaside OR about 2:15 pm.

Around 3:30, after we got set up, we headed back down the road about 7 miles to eat at Mo’s Seafood, a place that came highly recommended.

And the recommendation was dead on.  It was great.  Jan had a Seafood Platter with Clam Chowder, and I had a bowl of Oyster Stew and a Blackened Cod Fish Sandwich. 

Hmmm, Hmmm, Good.

Tomorrow, we only have a 105 mile run to Westport, WA, so we’ll probably go out to breakfast and drive around a little before we leave.

We’ll be in Westport for 3 nights catching up with our friends, Al and Adrianne Cox, who we first met in Fairbanks, AK in 2008.

Thought For The Day:


1. I don’t know them
2. I know them.