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Since 1870 . . .

After grabbing a quick light breakfast at our La Quinta, we were on the way up I-59 by 9:30 with our first stop at Weidmann’s Restaurant in downtown Meridian MS.

Weidmann’s has been around since 1870 and is well-known throughout the South. We’ve eaten here a number of times over the years, and it’s a must-stop when we’re in the area.

One thing unique about Weidmann’s is the handmade crock filled with homemade Peanut Butter on every table, along with a basket of assorted crackers. The crocks date from WWII when there was a shortage of butter, so someone suggested that the owner substitute peanut butter. And a legend was born.

Jan got the Muffuletta with their homemade BBQ potato chips,

while I went with my usual 6 oz. New York Strip Po’boy, also with the BBQ chips.

Normally we would have started off with an order of their Fried Green Tomatoes, but we decided instead to finish up by sharing an order of their Praline Cheesecake Ala Mode.

And as it turned out, we both had half of our entrees left over anyway. So leftovers for later.

We got into Athens about 5pm, and got settled in. We’ll be here until Wednesday when we head down to Birmingham for more old friend get-togethers,

Tomorrow we’re getting together with my cousin Marjorie for lunch down at Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ in Decatur.

More West Palm Beach

May 27, 2009

El Rushbo & Banyan Trees…

Today Jan and I drove around sightseeing in the ritzy areas of Palm Beach.

One of the places we wanted to drive by was Rush Limbaugh’s compound.

You can’t see much from the road…

Rush's Gate

But the satellite view shows there’s a lot behind that gate…

Rushs Home

Seems like I remember reading he paid $25 million for it.

While we were driving around, the thunderstorms were still rolling in, with the rain coming down in sheets.

Rain Clouds

One of the neat things around here are the banyan trees. Although normally associated with Africa and India, they seem to go real well around here.

Banyan Tree

banyan tree2

We also drove by the famous Breakers Resort .

The Breakers

We had heard that they have a fabulous Sunday Brunch, so we inquired about the price.

It was almost $100.00 per person!

For that price it had better be gold-plated and come with someone to hand feed you.

For lunch we ate at a Mexican restaurant called Amigos.

It was great. So great, in fact, we went back for supper.

Tomorrow we head north to Titusville for a few days.

Rain and More Rain in Houston

May 27, 2016

Email From The Dead . . .

Today started wet and dreary and then went downhill from there. It was raining when I got up at 11 and that continued all the rest of time until we left for Clear Lake around 2pm.

And then as soon as we got out on I-10 it just POURED down, slowing everyone until we were doing about 25 mph, in a 75 mph area. And then one person,  just one, decided to put their emergency flashers on. And then almost everyone else did.

And suddenly, what had been a easy to track and separate group of vehicles in front of us became a swirling, flashing mass of orange and red lights, with no way to really tell who was stopped and who was moving. A bunch of maroons.

We made a pit stop at Brandi’s, and also picked up a couple of packages waiting for us. Then it was back on the road to Clear Lake. And then the real slow down began to appear.

Based on the live traffic data on our Garmin GPS, our 1 hour trip down to League City was going to take an additional 2 hours and 59 minutes, for a total of 4 hours. Bummer. But as we slowly got closer, the delay whittled down until the trip only took 2 and a half hours. Better than 4 hours, I guess.

We had originally planned to drop off my client’s laptop at their home in the Brittany Bay area of League City, but due to our delay, we didn’t have time before we had to meet our friends for dinner at 6pm. So our first stop was at our son Chris’ for a potty break, as well as to pick up our mail and drop off one of our Captain’s Chair’s armrests. Or rather just the insides without the foam or the leather cover.

I wanted to see if he could make me six new armrests to replace the ones I have now,. The original ones were made from two different pieces of OSB (Oriented Strand Board), or particleboard. These two pieces were glued together around a steel armature that mounted the pivot rod at one end.

But over the years the glue has deteriorated and the arms have started to come apart. I put a couple of them back together using screws, but the screws just wallowed and came loose after a while.

So my idea is to see if Chris can cut six new armrest wooden frames out of 2×4’s. Then I’ll install the armatures in each new frame and mount them back on the chairs. BTW if you wondered how to get the armrests off the chairs, it’s really pretty easy.

Fold the armrest up until it’s vertical and parallel to the chair back. Then push in on the arm pivot point and rotate the arm on further back until it is again horizontal. At this point pull out on the arm as you rotate it back and forth slightly. Then just pull it completely free. Easy Peezy.

We meet our friends, Bob & Beth Young at Barcenas Mexican Restaurant. Right outside our subdivision, we have eaten here for 20 years or more, and it’s always great.

Bob & Beth Young

We’ve known Bob and Beth for a long time, and have watched their five kids grow up, and we always have a great time catching up.

Good food and great friends. It doesn’t get much better.

Finally saying our goodbyes a little after 7:30 we headed down to League City to drop off the client’s laptop before turning around and heading back to Columbus. And after a pit stop at the Flying J in Brookshire, we finally got home about 10:30pm.

And although we didn’t see any problems when we came through, we did see three cars parked back up the hill from the low-lying bridge at the park entrance.

Don’t know if it was this bad,

Colorado River Flooded Crossing 1

or even this bad.

Colorado River Damaged Bridge 1

But I’m glad we weren’t trapped outside the park and had to wade in.]

I got an email a couple of days ago that really gave me a start. It was from a friend of ours . . .  a dead friend of ours.

Our long-time friend Gina Ellis died a little over 3 years ago, and the SPAM email I received had the right (kind of unusual) name, but not the right ISP address. It was obviously one of those emails that want you to click the enclosed link, but strangely, it referred to me as ‘Greg’, while most of these are to ‘Gregory’.

Gina, we miss you.

And finishing up on a departed friend’s note, this past Wednesday we lost two more long-time friends, Richard Horner and Ron Walters.

They too will be missed.

Burgers in Rapid City

May 27, 2017

What the Fudd?

It was really nice to sleep in this morning, snuggled in with our heated mattress pad. We both sleep a lot better when the bedroom is really cool, which works well with 40°-50° nights we’ve been having.

A number of other rigs started moving in yesterday, I guess for the holiday weekend. There were only about six rigs when we got here, but a bunch more now.

Elk Creek RV Park 1

Elk Creek RV Park 2

And there’s more rigs here than what you can see in these photos.

In addition, when we got home we found a note on our wipers from Dave and Joanne, a couple who were parked next to us a week or so ago when we overnighted at the Pioneer RV Park in Hermiston, OR. They’re here in the park so we’ll try to hook up with them tomorrow.

A little after 3pm Jan and I headed in to RC to have linner at local Fuddruckers. We did stop off at the park office to re-up for our second week here. Then it was on to the Fuddruckers in Rushmore Mall. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve eaten at Fudd’s. Don’t know why it’s been so long, since it’s always good.

My favorite is their 8 oz. Ribeye Sandwich, a tender, juicy cut of meat. I got mine with bacon, and then added mayo, tomatoes, sliced onions, and pickles. And we split an order of potato wedges.

Fuddruckers Ribeye

Jan went with a 1/2 pound burger, with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, and guacamole, as well as other fixing’s.

Fuddruckers Half Pound

Very good, but the service was a lot slower than we’ve experienced in the past.

Our next stop was a nearby Books-A-Million so Jan could look for a couple of magazines she wanted, but no luck. Our next stop was supposed to be Lowe’s, but we decided to save it for another day, and head on over to Wal-Mart for some groceries.

Then it was home for the night.

One thing I noticed kind of funny is that there is only a Lowe’s here in RC, but no Home Depot. Seems like usually they’re located within sight of each other.

Tomorrow we’ll stay home and try to avoid all the holiday hoorah. Jan fixed up a big batch of her famous chili so we’ll have that tomorrow and maybe Monday,

Rudy’s BBQ

May 27, 2018

Oh My Gosh, That Smell!

I spent most of the day building a new website for a client. It was a pretty basic site with just seven pages of information and not much else.

So I decided to try out the new GoCentral website builder from GoDaddy. Supposedly not near as powerful as their full-blown Website Builder 7, but it’s a lot cheaper.

GoCentral was dumbed down so that pretty much anyone can put together a nice looking website and put it online. But it does this by limiting your choices and forcing you to use templates.

So next time, unless it’s a very simple site, I probably won’t use it again. It’s just too crippled. I think it might have been easier to just code it in good, old-fashioned HTML.

A little before 2pm Jan and I headed up to Webster to have lunch at Rudy’s BBQ. Getting out of the truck, Jan said, “Oh My Gosh. That Smell.” And she was right. My mouth was watering before we even got in the door.

Although they were pretty busy we only had to wait in line for a couple of minutes before we were ordering our food.

Rudy's Basket

Jan got the Baked Potato with Lean Brisket and a serving of their Three Bean Salad, while I got 8oz of Moist Brisket and a serving of their Green Chile Stew. All just as delicious as usual.

As I’ve mentioned before, Rudy’s is one of our three favorite BBQ chains, along with Famous Dave’s BBQ and Sonny’s BBQ. And Jim & Nick’s BBQ is a close 4th.

And as far as single locations, it’s Charlie Vergos Rendezvous in Memphis, TN, Golden Rule BBQ in Birmingham, AL, and of course Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ in Decatur, AL.

Big Bob’s is listed as one of the Top Ten BBQ in the US, and Golden Rule first opened in 1891, and is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the state of Alabama.

And wouldn’t you know it, we’ll be eating at most of these on our upcoming trip next month. Then, following up on the ‘oldest’ restaurant theme, we’ll also be eating at Weidman’s in Meridian, MS on our way home, which has been around since 1870.


Now you see why our blog Title is Our RV Adventures or Eating Our Way Across the USA.

After Rudy’s we stopped by my client’s so I could pick up something, and also find out why the Shipping computer went offline. Again. When I tried to remote in last night to start a system image backup, I couldn’t connect because it was offline.

I finally got it working again, but I don’t know what happened to it. Hope it’s not something to do with the MS update problem from the other day.

Then coming back down to the Dickinson area, we dropped some more stuff off at the storage room. Slowly, but surely.


May 27, 2019

No Getup, Or Go . . .

Today, being Memorial Day, my client’s office was closed, but I’m not sure I could have made it in anyway.

Neither one of us wanted to even get out of bed, much less actually do anything, you know like unpack the four big suitcases littering the living room and the kitchen. But after getting some coffee into our veins, we were able to kind of move about. But neither of us felt like doing any unpacking, so mostly we just sat and talked about our trip and the fantastic time we had.

While we were still in London, I ordered a 10” digital photo frame from Amazon so it would be here when we got home. We already have one that displays family and RV travel photos, but I thought I get a separate one to just for our trip. So I did start going through the 2447 photos that I made along the way to decide which ones I want to load into it. But even that turned out to be more work than I wanted to do.

Our son Chris was in town for the day, so about 3:30 I called an Uber to take us up to Webster to meet him for lunch at King Food, and also give him the presents we had brought home for him, Linda, and Miss Piper.

Readers will remember that right before we left on our trip the radiator on our truck started leaking, but we had so much going on that I decided not to fool with it until we got back. I was thinking I’d just have a rental car waiting for us this morning but then discovered that the local Enterprise office wasn’t open due to the holiday. So I ordered for tomorrow morning.

Getting back to the rig, we did start making some inroads into the whole suitcase thing, at least enough to get some laundry going and putting away some things, but our hearts, and bodies, weren’t really into it.

Part of the problem is that we’re both still jet-lagged, more so than when we flew over to Europe. That, coupled with exhaustion, I guess.

Jan fell asleep on the sofa about 6pm, then came to bed when I did about midnight. But then she was up about 4am and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Finishing up, a teaser from our visit to Versailles –The Hall of Mirrors.

Paris Versailles Hall of Mirrors

S21 Ultra

May 27, 2021

Phones, Old and New . . .

Jan and I were on our way up to Clear Lake about 12:30 this afternoon, a little earlier than usual because I got a text saying that my new S21 phone had been delivered at the office, so we wanted to pick it up first before we had lunch at Snooze.

Not only was I impatient to get my hands on it, but I wanted to get it charging while we were eating breakfast so I brought one of my power bank chargers with me.

Power Bank Charger

Then while we were waiting for our food, I opened the box and then let Jan help me pull off the protective film on the screen (Big Bang joke).

But when I tried to use the included USB cable to charge the phone, I ran into a problem. The cable had a USC-C connector on both ends, not just one. Normally there’s a USB 3.0 connector that plugs into charging ports and the USB-C on the other end.

But with the same ‘C’ connector on both ends it wouldn’t plug into my power bank, so I went back out to the car to get my cable from there.

While I was sitting there I went online and ordered a USB 2.0 to USB adapter like this so I can plug the cable into standard charger ports.

USB 2.0 to C adapter

And I also ordered a second wireless charger so we’ll both have one.

S21 Wireless Charger

Before we just had one, since only my S8+ could use one, and not Jan’s S5.

Turns out it was already about 60% charged, but it was 100% by the time we finished our meal. I did at least turn it on to watch it boot up but then turned it off when it asked to start the initialization.

Since I’m going to have the phone number switched from my S8+ to the S21, I thought I’d just let Verizon do it all, because after that they’ll need to switch Jan’s number on her S5 over to the S8+.

But I did download the User Guide so I could check out all the new features, which is where I discovered the possible use for the USB ‘C’ to ‘C’ connector.

S21 Cable Transfer

It can be used to transfer all the data from the old phone to the new phone.

Then it was back down to the NTB to get the new tires for our Jeep. With that done, it was a quick HEB stop, a quick Cowboy Coffee stop, and then home for the night.

Thought for the Day:

No matter how serious life gets, you’ve still got to have that one person you can be completely stupid with. That’s why Jan has a shirt that says, “I’m with Stupid”.