Under the weather…

Jan woke up with a migraine so we decided to not do any sightseeing today, But by noon she felt like getting some lunch, so we went out for soup and sandwiches from Crazy Otto’s. We ate here last Sunday on our first night here and wanted to try it again. They make a great chicken salad sandwich.

Coming back to the rig I stopped off at the fairground’s office to check out their facilities for RV rallies.  Nick Russell had asked me to check them out for him on the possibility that he might hold a rally here someday. But Connie, the Events Coordinator, was out to lunch so I would come back later.

About 2:30 pm I went back over and talked to Connie.and got the rally info.

When I got back we had an email from the Bonnie Hunt show saying they had some extra tickets for the 6pm show and would we like to also attend that taping as well as our 2pm one.  We, of course, said yes.

About 6 pm Jan heated up our leftover Famous Dave’s BBQ from earlier in the week. Just as good as the first time, too.

Tomorrow we’ll probably do a day pass to the Good Sam Rally that’s right next door.

More then,,,