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Headwinds and Peach Cobbler . . .

We were up about 6:45 this morning, much earlier than normal, but for two reasons. We wanted to leave earlier since we had a 315 mile trip today, and we wanted to have time to have breakfast at Isaack’s Restaurant, a mile or so away. Voted one of the best small-town diners in Texas, It’s a favorite of ours.

After another great meal, and after stopping for gas at $2.25, we were back at the park a little before 9. After dropping off some Gypsy Journal copies at the park office, we were on the road a little before 9:30.

The weather was overcast and foggy, but not as bad as yesterday, especially with not as much drizzle. But the drive was still nice, at least until we hit a headwind a little west of Balmorhea. And my MPG went from about 8.5 down to 5.9.


Coming through Ft. Stockton we stopped for diesel at the Pilot, paying $2.79 a gallon. Still not bad. The only problem was the slow pumps. We were using the separate RV pumps, but it took almost 20 minutes to get 54 gallons. Unlike getting gas this morning, when I got 22 gallons in the truck in about 5 minutes.

We pulled into the Southern Star RV Park in Van Horn about 3pm and got set up.

Southern Star RV Park

Then a little after 5pm, we took the recommendation of the guy at the park office, and walked right next door to the Van Horn Cattle Company Restaurant. And we’re really glad we did. The salads and the steaks were great.

Van Horn Cattle Company 1

Van Horn Cattle Company 2

My salad had a delicious homemade Chipotle Ranch dressing that actually had some heat to it. Really good

Jan had their 8 oz.  Flat Iron Steak, something that they’re known for, and I had the 12 oz. Top Sirloin. Somebody in the kitchen really knows how to cook a steak.

Then for dessert, we shared their Peach Cobbler with Cinnamon Ice Cream, all homemade. The perfect end to a great meal.

We were sitting by the window looking out over the road, and watched a steady stream of RV’s coming in. And then a steady stream of RV’ers walking over from the park. Really hope the park guy got his kickback for the recommendations.

By the time we walked back to the rig, the 46 site park was about 3/4 full. Some of that may be due to the bad weather coming through here. The guy in the site next to us was worried, and said he was going to hunker down for a couple of days to avoid it.

Although the high tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be in the mid-50’s, it’s supposed to start raining in the afternoon, and then go down to 22! degrees tomorrow night., with snow and ice. But we’ll be moving on to Las Cruces tomorrow morning and will be there for two days, so it should be gone by then.

Brandi send over some more ski trip pics, this one of Landon and Ruthie, the daughter of the couple they’re traveling with.

Really cute kids.

Landon and Ruthie

Brandi says they act like brother and sister. Of course that could mean they fight a lot, too.


Thought For the Day:

The most dangerous strategy is to jump a chasm in two leaps. – Benjamin Disraeli


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