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Convenience Can Be Expensive . . .

There’s joy in the Oilpatch tonight. For the first time in months, the rig count actually went up this week. By ONE whole rig. But, hey, it’s something.

A little after 12 I went down to register and pay at the Countyside RV Park office. The ‘resort fee’ TT members pay at Encore parks has gone up from $3 to $4 this year, but still not bad at all, especially since it doesn’t count against our 50 free TT days.

Finishing up at the office, I drove up to the Wal-Mart SuperCenter on Apache Trail to pick up some antifreeze for the truck. My radiator has a small leak that I’m pretty sure I can fix, but it’s toward the bottom of my list since all I have to do is add a little coolant every couple of weeks or so.

I’ve normally just grabbed a jug of the pre-mixed 50-50 type, which goes for about $10.50 a jug. But a jug of the old-fashion concentrate type caught my eye, and then the price difference caught my eye too.

As I said, a gallon of 50-50 costs $10.50, but a gallon of full strength, i.e. twice as much, costs $12.50, only $2 more. Convenience isn’t cheap.

While I was there, I checked out their sewing department, and found just what I need for my solar screen project. It’s a black crochet thread, the perfect size for what I need.

About 4:30 we picked up Nick and Terry at the Santa Fe RV Park and made the 20 minute journey over to the Famous Dave’s BBQ at SanTan Village, just at the other end of the block from the Grimaldi’s Pizzeria where Jan and I had dinner last night.

Everyone walked out of there happy and stuffed with BBQ, and enough left over to take home. Always good.

If tomorrow morning is like this morning, i.e. not much wind, I plan on putting a first coat of gray paint on the rig bumper that my son Chris repaired a month or so ago. Apache Junction is pretty much the first place we’ve been that hasn’t been windy.

We’ll see how it goes.


Thought for the Day:

“No cause is truly lost as long as there is one fool left to fight for it.” – Darby Calvin & Jack Sparrow


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