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Good Mexican Food and Zombie Outbreaks . . .

I did manage to get a coat of paint on the center portion of the rig bumper early this afternoon before the sun hit it. I’ll do another coat on everything in the next day or two. After that I’ll sand it with some 2000 grit and see what it looks like after I polish it up.

Rig Paint 6

So far the timer I put on my Powermax converter/charger is working perfectly so far to keep both sets of batteries charged, so I can do away with setting up the separate charger each time. Good so far.

 Jan and I recently stumbled into a new TV show we kind of like. It’s on the CW network and it’s called iZombie. Now, although Jan and I like such ‘supernatural’ shows as Grimm and Once Upon A Time, zombie shows and movies have never really been our ‘thing’. But this show came on one night while I was working on the blog, and after a bit I started paying more attention.

The heroine, Liv Moore is a medical student, who after being scratched during a party that became a zombie outbreak, becomes a zombie herself. Finding herself now craving brains, she decides to go to work in the city morgue, easing access to her needed nourishment. She’s aided in this by the Chief Medical Examiner who knows her secret and is studying her condition, hoping to find a cure.

But there’s a catch. After a brain burrito, or some brain sushi, she sometimes takes on the memories, feelings, and talents of the brain’s donor. And after partaking of a murder victim’s brain, she sees ‘visions’ of their death, which she then uses to help the police solve crimes. Of course the police detective she works with doesn’t know she’s a zombie. He just thinks she’s psychic. I don’t know which would be harder to believe.

The thing that makes this show really good is the humor woven into the plots, as well as Liv’s comments to the audience as she goes about her secret life.

The first two episodes have already run on the CW on Tuesday nights, but if you want to give a try, TNT is rerunning the show from the first episode, starting this Monday, the 30th. Check it out.

About 4:30pm we met Nick and Terry over at Los Gringos Locos for dinner. Even getting there at 4:30 they were already on a wait, and it didn’t get any less busy as the evening went on. But then it is Saturday.

Everyone enjoyed what they had, and I have a new favorite dish there: the Carne Asada.

Los Gringos Locos Carne Asada

The meat was extremely tender and perfectly grilled. And it comes with a Cheese Enchilada, as well as rice and beans. Really good.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on my magnetic shade project and continuing sewing the magnets in place.

Thought for the Day:

The real function of economists is to make astrologers look respectable.


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