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A Name Change . . .

One of our blog readers, Jim Hamm, commented that with all the restaurant reviews and pictures we do, that maybe we ought to rename the blog, “Our Dining and Gourmet Adventures, With RVing as a Sideline.”

Figuring he was probably right, I met him halfway. While the blog name is still Our RV Adventures, we have a new subhead underneath. Instead of the old one, “I Wish You Could See What We See”, the new one is “Eating Our Way Across The USA”.

Pretty apropos, actually. Thanks, Jim.

I mentioned a while back about the dashcam I bought. But our trip up from Tucson to here in Apache Junction a week ago was the first time I had a chance to set it up here in the rig.

The movies, at 600 megabytes per 5 minute segment, are too big to post here, but here are some stills of our trip up here.

This first one was before we pulled out of our site at Voyager RV Resort.

DashCam 2

This one is from right after we pulled out of the Flying J after fueling up.

DashCam 3

Here we’re following Nick and Terry as we turn onto SR 77 that will take us to Apache Junction.

DashCam 4

And this is our rest stop at the Tom Mix Memorial.

DashCam 1

With the wide angle lens, and recording at 1080p HD, the videos are really stunning.

A118 DashCam

A118 Full HD 1080P Car DVR Dash Camera

The camera is only about 2” x 3” and comes with a windshield mounting kit. A great deal for only $80. Check it out.

Around 1:30 Jan and I made a Wal-Mart run to the store up on Apache Trail. Jan was looking for a few things, as was I. But the thing we were both looking for was a new foam mattress topper. We’ve had a 2” one on our bed since right after we bought the rig, and it’s always been very comfortable. Except for one thing. It’s hot.

I’d heard that the newer gel-infused ones are much cooler, so I wanted to see what Wal-Mart had. Turns out that they have a queen size 2” Memory Foam, Gel-Infused topper for $100, but I wanted to check Amazon also.

And checking Amazon, they have a similar one for the same price, so I’ll probably pick up the one from Wal-Mart in the next day or so.

While I was there I also checked out the paint department to see if they could mix or tint the Rustoleum Protective Enamel that I used on the rig bumper since I want a lighter shade of gray. Finding they didn’t, I bought a small can of white to see if I can mix something up that I like. We’ll see.

As usual when I’m in Wal-Mart, I wondered through the RV section, checking things out. And this time I came across a pretty good deal.

Camco EVO Water Filter

This Camco EVO Premium Water Filter was close-out priced at $15 (normally $49 or so, even on Amazon, and uses the standard filter inserts. The reviews are pretty good, except for those people who ignored the instructions and over-tightened and broke the connectors.

I’ll let you know how it works.

Nick Russell called about 4:30, so Jan and I headed out to meet them over at the #1 Eastern Super Buffet, our go-to buffet place here in Apache Junction. The place stays busy enough that the food turns over quickly, so it’s always fresh and hot.


Thought for the Day:

“I once saw a movie where only the police and the military had guns. It was called ‘Schindler’s List’.”


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