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Well, I Liked It . . .

But Jan didn’t.

Several readers said they were signing up with the Good Sam RV Plus card after my recent comments. One thing I’ve noticed is that Pilot/Flying J’s are usually a good place to buy unleaded too. In many cases, they’ll have the cheapest in the area, I guess to attract more business outside their normal clientele, i.e. trucks.

For example, down in Tucson last week, the cheapest unleaded was around $2.23, but the Pilot/Flying J had it for $2.17. And with the Plus card, and its 5 cent discount, it was only $2.12. Nice.

As far as Jan and I, it looks like we’re pretty much over our colds, with just a few residual coughs every now and then. Good riddance.

Around 2:30 I walked down to Nick and Terry’s to look at a couple of computer problems he was having, and to check out different apps.

Later, and on our own tonight, Jan and I decide to have dinner at Dirtwater Springs, a pub/grill that we’ve passed several times on Apache Trail, and always found it busy. And tonight was no exception.

Dirtwater Springs

I ordered a Grilled Rueben with homemade red  sauerkraut, and hand-cut fries. Jan, unfortunately, for her apparently, ordered the Grilled Chicken Fillet with a Twice-Baked Potato.

Dirtwater Rueben

Jan started out with a salad that she said was really good, but it seems like it was downhill after that. For me, I had a cup of their homemade Italian Wedding Soup, also very good.

My Rueben was really good, crispy on the outside, and oozey good on the inside, but Jan was not really happy with her chicken.

Jan hoped to redeem her meal with their Pumpkin Pie for dessert, but that didn’t pan out either. On the other hand, I had their Caramel Apple Nut Pie, which was delicious. I guess it was just my day.

Dirtwater Pie

Hopefully, where ever we eat tomorrow will turn out better for her.

Tomorrow morning, around 11am, we’ll move about 4 miles away, over to the Countryside RV Park, where we’ll be for the next two weeks before heading up to the Verde Valley Thousand Trails.


Thought for the Day:

“It is never wise to seek or wish for another’s misfortune. If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang.” – Charley Reese


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