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Oil Field Gate Guarding for Fun? and Profit

Wednesday, March 22nd

11:30 – 12:30

Old Pueblo Rm 4

Mark your schedule for our seminar

After our morning coffee and a little quiet time, Jan and I headed over to the Escapade at the Pima County Fairgrounds. Surprisingly we had no problems finding a parking space very near Old Pueblo Hall, where all the vendors are set up.

We weren’t even in the door before we started running into old friends, in some cases, ones that we haven’t seen the the last Escapade here two years ago.

We spent next couple of hours wandering the vendor aisles, again running into old friends. Jan went one way and I went another, making a first pass up and down the rows, mentally marking booths I want to check out further at a later time.

I did go ahead and sign up for an Arizona Concealed Carry class on Tuesday afternoon with Bryon Hibshman of Bryon, a former LEO for 29 years, is a NRA Certified Instructor, and gives CCW classes at RV rallies around the country.

In fact I got my Utah non-resident CCW with him at one of Nick Russell’s Gypsy Journal RV Rally’s back in 2010. But when it expired in 2015 I was unable to renew it due to a change in Utah’s rules.

Later we ended up having lunch with Daisy and Chip Cartright, old friends of Chris and Charles Yust. It was a lot of fun getting to know them and talking about all the same places we’d been over the years. Nice People!

About 2:30 we headed over to Thurber Hall for the Escapade Opening Ceremonies. I don’t know yet how many rigs are here, but the hall was pretty full.

Escapade Get-together

A little after 4pm Jan and I headed up Kolb Ave. to Poco & Mom’s Cantina to meet up for dinner. We’ve eaten at the original Poco & Mom’s for years after being introduced to it by our long-time friend’s Al & Adrienne Cox.

Then a couple of years ago they opened up a new, much larger place a few miles away. The same great food, with a much more extensive menu.

While everyone went with something different, I got my usual Best of New Mexico Combo.

Poco Best of New Mexico Combo

With a fried egg, one green‏ chile chicken enchilada, one chile relleno topped with sour cream green chile enchilada sauce, one red chile shredded beef taco, served with homemade beans and rice, it’s a pretty good overview of New Mex-Mex/Az-Mex cuisine.

Poco Group

Once again our dinner was great with our friends.

From the left, we had Jan, Sherry Bennett, Clark Bennett, Donna Huffer, and Bob Parker. I didn’t manage to leave Bob out of the photo tonight, because I only had one beer this time.

On the Amazon front, I had 3 orders that were supposed to be delivered to the Escapade. Yes, they  specified Sunday delivery by the Post Office. At 10:28 I got a text message saying the packages were out for delivery. But then at 11:01 I received another text message saying they could not be delivered because the ‘business’ (the Pima County Fairgrounds?) was CLOSED.

Curious about why they thought the park was closed, I asked the two gentlemen at the front gate if a US Mail truck had come by. They said they had been there since 6am and hadn’t seen any mail truck at all. I think the mailman just didn’t want to get up early on Sunday morning. Hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow with the rest of the mail.

But hey, at least nothing broke on the rig today.

Thought for the Day:

“Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is.” ― Sir Francis Bacon