Oink, Oink . . .

Our last day in Tucson, Jan and I were up and out the door a little after 10am with our first stop back at the Pima County Fairgrounds to see if I could find the computer mouse I left in Seminar Rm. 4 after our Gate Guarding seminar.

The mouse was black and the ruffled cloth on the tabletop was black, so it didn’t end up coming home with me. It’s not a big deal, only a $7 Amazon mouse, but I’m cheap and it was worth a stop and look in any case.

But no luck. The room had been stripped clean.

So leaving the Fairgrounds mouseless, our next stop was the Oink Café at Kolb and Broadway, but along the way we checked out the Valero station at Kolb and Valencia to see if it was suitable for getting diesel tomorrow on our way north to Apache Junction. It’s only 3 miles off the Interstate and 30 cents a gallon cheaper than the Pilot right down the road. And since we need a little over 100 gallons, that makes a difference.

Several people had told us about the Oink Café. How can you not like a place whose slogan is ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Bacon’. And they do have bacon, eight different kinds of bacon, as a matter of fact.

Jan went with, what else, a BLT with Apple Cider Bacon.

Oink BLT

She said it was probably the best bacon she’s ever had.

I had the 50-50 burger, which is a 1/2 patty that 50% Beef and 50% ground bacon.

Oink 50-50 Burger

It doesn’t get much better than this. And their coffee was really good too.

I also tried a sampler of 4 different types of their bacon.

Oink Half Flight of Bacon

From left to right: Applewood Smoked, Honey, Jalapeno, and Pepper. All very good, and all very distinctly different tasting.

And of course we had to get some donut holes to take home for tomorrow’s breakfast. And of course, they’re Maple Bacon donuts. All bacon all the time.

There’s also an Oink Café up in the Phoenix area that we might check out while were up in Apache Junction.

After lunch it was over to the big Ace Hardware over on Houghton for some hardware items. Then it was on to 3 different auto parts stores until I found AW32 Hydraulic Fluid in gallon jugs.

Getting home I took care of some maintenance items around the rig. First up was using the AW32 to top off the reservoir in the rig that powers the rig’s power steering and the hydraulically-controlled radiator fan. Next I topped off the radiator coolant and checked the engine oil.

Then I added Rain-X wiper fluid to both rig and the truck, as well as topping off the brake fluid in the truck, and checking the oil and transmission fluid too.

Finishing up with this, I worked on some Internet stuff until it was time to head down to Omar’s for a dinner get-together with a bunch of other RV’ers, including Dennis and Carol Hill, and Sharon and Don del Rosario.

Omar's Group

As with our previous visits, our food was really good. We both went with breakfast, Jan with a Belgian Waffle with Strawberries and Whipped Cream,

Omar's Belgian Waffle

while I had the Omar’s Favorite, with 3 Cheese Enchiladas, Shredded Beef, 3 Over Medium Eggs, and Country Potatoes.

Omar's Omar's Favorite

All very good.

Tomorrow we’ve got a 145 mile trip up to the Santa Fe RV Park in Apache Junction where we’ll be for two weeks, before we head out for Vegas, Baby.

Thought for the Day:

“I named my dog Stay, so I can say, ‘Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay!” ― Steven Wright