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What A Difference 34? Years Makes .

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Jan was still a little under the weather so we bowed out on watching Landon play Hockey down in the Sugarland area, but we did get this photo of Landon and his cousin Gwen.

Hockey Landon and Gwen

Then afterwards they saw the new Despicable Me 3 movie. Jan and I are hoping to see it soon, too.

Landon and Gwen at DM3

Friday, when everyone went to San Antonio, they had a great time doing the Riverwalk and, of course, the Alamo.

Robinson's at the Alamo

Otherwise we didn’t do much at all today, with Jan mostly reading while I worked on the new knife website.

It’s coming along, but slowly, due to the large number of PayPal cart buttons that have to be created and installed. Also still waiting on some new photos and answers to some questions from the client.

Back around 1983 or so, Jan’s sister Debbie, her husband Jim, and the kid’s Jason, Tana, and Christina came down to visit us in Friendswood. While they were there, we got this photo of our kids and Debbie and Jim’s.

Old Family Photo

Left to right: Tana, Chris, Jason, Brandi, Christina

Well, a couple of days ago the kids surprised us with this redo.

New Family Photo

Especially funny is Tana with the same blank expression on her face.

Really neat, and a wonderful surprise.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Not sure about tomorrow yet. We may go into the Katy to have breakfast with everyone before they head for home. But we’ll have to see how the timing works out.

Thought for the Day:

Dad may be in charge but mom knows what’s going on.


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