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Scheduling 2018 . . .

Tomorrow we’re moving back over to the Lake Conroe TT for the next two weeks. We’re still trying to decide if we’re going to make the trip over to Alabama this summer.

If we do we’ll probably leave on the 23rd of July at the end of our time there. But we’ll see.

We’re also starting to map out our travels for next year. We plan to do the East coast again, for the first time since 2009 when we left Houston, traveled around the Gulf coast down to Key West, and then up the East coast to Maine and then out to Newfoundland.

Coming back to Maine, we headed north into the bottom of Canada through Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, before coming back into the US near Niagara Falls. Then through a roundabout way, we ended up in Celina, OH just in time for Nick Russell’s greatly missed Gypsy Journal Rally around the end of September.

We finally ended up back in the Houston area on Sunday, November 22th. This was before we started gate guarding in 2012, so we traveled the entire year, always coming back to the Galveston Bay RV Park the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

But next year’s trip probably won’t be quite so elaborate, especially as far as Canada . . . and Key West, too.

We’ll only go down Florida as far as Tampa/St. Pete before crossing over to the Atlantic side to the Palm Beach area.

Then it’s up the coastline, doing Washington, D.C. and New York City once again, before moving on up to Massachusetts, and maybe New Hampshire. After that it’s back down through Pennsylvania and over to Elkhart, IN for a while, before visiting Jan’s sister, Debbie and her family, in Vandalia, IL.

Our only hard date scheduled so far for next year is May 27th – June 1st in Sedalia, MO, for the 58th Escapees Escapade.

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And after that, we don’t know yet.

Thought for the Day:

Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.


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