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Maybe, Maybe Not . . .

I spent the morning putting the finishing touches on the new website. The client said they really like it, so we’ll probably go live later tonight.

About 3:30 Jan and I drove into Columbus, with our first stop the hardware store just off downtown for a couple of project items. Then it was on to Whataburger for dinner.

Since we’re heading to Alabama on Wednesday, we wanted to get our Whataburger fix in. Of course when we’re in Alabama we’ll be able to take care of our Sonny’s BBQ fix while we’re there. So it all works out.

For dessert we split one of Whataburger’s new Coffee Shakes. We first had one last week at the Willis Whataburger, and it was good enough to have again. And again. And again.

This is probably the best coffee shake we’ve ever had. I don’t know what they’re using for flavoring, but it reminds both of us of those chocolate covered roasted coffee beans you can buy. Really good.

Next was a stop at Brookshire Bros for a few things before we headed back to the park. We did stop at the office for a bag of the fire ant poison they provide. When we were parking after we got here yesterday afternoon, Jan was standing back by the driver’s side rear wheel guiding me in when she was swarmed by tiny red fire ants. A little later her feet swelled up some, and she had small red bumps all over her feet.

So hopefully this will take care of the problem for the next RV’ers.

We’re heading down to Clear Lake tomorrow to have lunch with our son Chris and pick up my repaired rear-view camera monitor mounting bracket.

On the way we’ll stop at Brandi’s to pick up an Amazon order and also have Jan take my photo.

When we had our family reunion last month I took this family photo.

Family Group Shot 468

But  without 3 of the family.

Annisten (who was napping)
Me (I’m taking the photo)
Jim (Debbie’s husband who is beside me also taking photos)

But what’s a family photo without the entire family, so I’ve added Annisten, the little girl on the right in pink, and now Jim who’s to the right of Lowell in the back.

Family Group Shot - New 468

Tomorrow Jan will get a photo of me standing in the right spot and with the same lighting, and in a few days I’ll be in the photo too.

The Amazon order I’m picking up is a remote control relay like this.

RF Remote Control for Slide

I want to use it to remote control our slide’s in and out. For some reason American Coach decide to put the slide switch in the overhead cabinet above the dining table, which means it’s kind of hard to reach for Jan, and even I have to stand on tippy-toes.

So it should be pretty simple to wire up. I’ll keep you updated.

Our daughter Brandi posted this on FB yesterday. This was her ‘trying to sleep in  Sunday morning wake up call’.

Brandi's Wake Up Call

I’m not sure which one is cuter.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Finishing up, I may have an idea on my rooftop AC problem, or I may not, but I won’t be able to check it out until we hit the road on Wednesday.  I’ll let you know.

Thought for the Day:

What Happens When You're Offended


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