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Young Sheldon . . .

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I spent the morning and most of the afternoon working on the knife website, trying to get things straightened out.

Just about the time I thought I had a handle on it, a lot of prices, photos, and products changed, so I got to start over on a  bunch of stuff. At least it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

Well, maybe off the streets, anyway.

We’re starting to see promos for the new fall shows, and a couple have caught our eye. The first one is “Young Sheldon”.

So how did Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory end up like he did? Well, this series tries to explain as it starts with him entering high school . . . at age 11.

Young Sheldon looks to be a really fun show and another winner for producer Chuck Lorre.

One thing interesting is that the actor who plays Sheldon’s father in YS has already appeared in Big Band Theory as a high school classmate of Leonard’s.

Actually Lorre is known for reusing actors he likes, swapping them back and forth between Two And A Half Men and Big Bang. And even within the same show.

Chelsea and Kandi, two long term characters on TAAHM, both appeared as other characters earlier in the show, and Kandi recently appeared in BBT.

I guess when you like someone, you keep using them.

The second is “Wisdom of the Crowd” where a Bill Gates type tech billionaire sets up a crowd-sourcing hub to find the killer of his daughter, and revolutionizes crime solving in the process.

The trailer below will explain it better. But it does look good.

Looks like I’ve got another repair job on the horizon. The water valve on our Sealand 510+ toilet slowly leaks, allowing the bowl to gradually fill with water. Based on the flow rate now, it would take a day or so to fill and overflow.

The first thing I’ll check is the adjustment on the valve plunger to be sure the pedal is not pushing down on the valve when it’s not supposed to.

Sealand Toilet Valve Drawing

Next is either dirt/crud in the valve itself, or it’s worn internally and needs to be replaced. Either way, the valve will have to be removed.

Since a new valve is only about $30, I’ll probably just get a new one and install it while I’ve got the toilet apart. Then I’ll check out the old one and either toss it or save it for a spare, depending on what I find.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

But it’s all going to have to wait at least until we get back over to Lake Conroe on Sunday.

Thought for the Day:

Abraham Lincoln might have been a cannibal!

The Donner Party, famous for their culinary tastes, left for California from Springfield, IL in 1846. James Reed, one of the organizers of the ill-fated group, was a close friend of Lincoln, and they had served together in the Black Hawk War.

Reed encouraged Lincoln to travel west with the group and Lincoln was inclined to make the journey, but his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, put her foot down.

So instead, he decided to stay and run for office. Probably for the best.


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