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Need A Kitchen Cleaver?

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We still didn’t do anything or go anywhere again today. The only thing different from yesterday was that it poured down rain for a good while this afternoon with more to come, apparently.

In fact, we supposedly will have slightly lower temps (high 80’’s) and a lot of rain over the next few days.

Looks like the domain transfer is proceeding faster than usual, and should be done in the next day or so. Hopefully the client will get caught up on his end and the site will be ready to go as well.

Need a Kitchen Cleaver?  Check out this one from the upcoming website.

Cleaver_Diamond Wood and Box Elder - 468

This one is sold as either a Camping Knife or a Kitchen Cleaver. The only real difference is that the Camping Knife version comes with a leather sheath.

I love the textured look of the Damascus Steel blades. Made from Spring Steel and Nickel billets, these are heated and hammer-forged, then folded over, reheated and hammered again. This is done a minimum of 250 times, producing the no two-of-a-kind patterns you see here.

This one has a California Olive Handle and a Padouk Bolster. If you don’t know what a Bolster is (and I didn’t, either), it’s an extra piece of handle type material between the blade and the handle.

Here’s a knife with a Cholla Cactus Handle. Note the bare tang/blade between the handle and the actual blade.

Knife without Bolster-468

And here’s the same blade with a Cholla Cactus handle and a Bone bolster. In this case the voids in the cactus are filled with blue epoxy to smooth out the handle. You can also choose red or pearl (white).

Knife with Cholla Bolster-468

The addition of a bolster both strengthens the blade and helps the balance of the knife.

And it looks neat too.

With 24 handle material possibilities, and 24 bolster possibilities, along with 14 different blade types, you can get over 8,000 different combinations.

So be the first in your neighborhood to collect them all.

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Tomorrow morning we’ll head down to Brandi and Lowell’s in Katy to see Landon’s hockey practice, and then have dinner. Sound likes fun.

Thought for the Day:

I keep some people’s phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.


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