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Every Kiss . . .

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Friend and blog reader John Huggins set me straight on my rain gauge problem that I mentioned yesterday. Turns out I had forgotten about the buttons on the top of the display.

La Crosse Display Top

Turns out that with the ‘Rain’ button you can step through the 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week, Present Month, Present Year, and Total Forever Inches.

Thanks, John.

Work went pretty smoothly today, as I was able to get a lot done, mostly because I was able to concentrated on one task at a time and finish it without having to go stomp out a fire somewhere else. Nice.

About 5:30 Jan and I drove up to the Jimmy Changas on I-45 just above FM646 to meet up with long-time friend’s Beth and Bob Young, who we’ve known for about 30 years. It’s been about a year since we last got together, so we had a lot to talk about.

Jan had the Stuffed Avocado,

Jimmy Changas Stuffed Avocado

which she said was good, but not quite as good as the one she gets at Los Cabos over in Columbus when we stay at the Colorado River Thousand Trails.

Los Cabos Stuffed Avocado

I started out with a cup of the Creamy Chicken Poblano Soup.

Jimmy Changas Creamy Chicken Poblano Soup

Unfortunately I ate half of it before I remembered to take a photo.

For my entrée I had the Machete Salad with Fajita Beef and the Creamy Poblano Dressing.

Jimmy Changas Machete Salad

And looking back, it’s the same salad I had when we last ate here almost two years ago. And both were really good.

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Tomorrow looks to be a nice, easy, stay at home day for a change. Looking forward to it.

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Thought for the Day:

I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night more kisses begin with Miller Light than Kay.


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