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Porker Piglets . . .

I got several comments about the “Support Pig” in yesterday’s blog. What’s next, Support Pythons, Support Piranha?

From the size, I guess it’s probably a Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig, but even in pygmy size it probably weighs around 100 pounds. So I guess she must be pretty fit to sling it over her shoulder and stalk off down the aisle like that.

During the late 80’s, at the peak of the Pot-Bellied Pig craze, the story was that pig farmers in California would set up road-side stands selling baby Pot-Bellied piglets for $1000 a porker.

But it turns out that they weren’t really PBP’s, but just plain, ordinary pigs. So six months or so later, they had a 500# sow in their living room. So you go from this little cutie

Baby Pig

to this.

Big Pig

Seems it’s time for a BBQ!

I guess I’m running behind the times since several blog readers commented that their recent credit cards have all been numberless on the front like my new PayPal card. But the new Chase Band card that I just got a month or so ago, still has the numbers of the front. So maybe I’m not the only one falling behind.

About 10:45 Jan and I headed up Hwy 6 to the Pearland area to visit our long-time friend Bonnie. Jan and Bonnie used to work together in the same hospital years ago and have kept in touch ever since. On our way we stopped off at the nearby Jason’s Deli to pick up lunch for us all.

While we were there, I got a call from my client that they were having some email problems, so when we left Bonnie’s about 3pm, we drove over to Clear Lake to stop in. Once there I rebooted the server and waited for everything to come back up.

And it didn’t.

No websites, no email, no nothing.

Oh, crap!

So crossing my fingers, I rebooted again. And this time everything came back.


I’ve got to get rid of this thing. So back at it tomorrow morning.

The Word of the Day is:  Claque

Thought for the Day: 

“As a society, we rediscover that the value of a right is not in what it hides, but in what it protects.”


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