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They’re Baacckk!

Well, the Comcast – Spectrum phone switch-over struck again. But now AT&T is in the mix, which only makes it worse.

Just about the time that things had settled down with our phone system, we lost our 800. number in a three-way handoff between Comcast, AT&T, and Spectrum, kind of a Mexican Standoff. Of Sheldon would want to ‘clarify nomenclature’ on that.

After going round and round for a while, we discovered the problem. And as has happened several times in the past, the problem originated with the previous IT. Apparently for some reason he went into a bunch of accounts and changed the PIN numbers on them

And without the pin number the transfer couldn’t be made. After being on the phone for about two hours, my client had about given up. So I told him that every time he talked to somebody, and they couldn’t help him, ask to talk to their supervisor. And so on. And so on.

It took him about 30 minutes this time to get to someone who could help, and it should be fixed in the next 24-72 hours. We’ll see.

As part of my recent Instant Pot trials and tribulations, I did manage to order a silicone steamer basket for our unit.  Hope we can try it out soon.

Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Basket

Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Basket

For dinner tonight we drove over to the Victory Lakes area at i-45 and FM646 to have dinner. We were in the mood of burgers, but this time we went for Five Guys Burgers & Fries We haven’t eaten at one in a number of years, so it was about time.

The burgers were great as always and the fresh cut fries were delicious.

Five Guys Victory Lakes

We had been warned that awhile back Five Guys had really cut back on the size of their fry orders. Previously the small order overflowed the bag and was more then enough for the two of us. So anticipating the cutback, we ordered the regular batch, and it was the perfect size.

Finishing up we made quick next-door Wal-Mart stop for a few things, as well as gas on the way home.

I did track down a guy that may be able to make our new window awnings. I’m going to take one of our small rear window awnings into him and see what he can do. Hopefully I’ll be able do it tomorrow.

Passport America, Save 50% on Campsites

Tomorrow we’re getting together for dinner with our son Chris, and hopefully some or all of his family. Looking forward to it.


The Word of the Day is: Mandarin

Thought for the Day

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” – Albert Einstein


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