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A Mystery Solved . . .

I was very surprised, and happy, to find that the server ran all weekend with no more problems. I guess coming out of the closet was good for it.

Now that I’ve got the WebServer on my desk, I’ve started exploring the Zen Cart and the SQL database, trying to get a handle on copying the whole thing off and then up to Godaddy. But it’s slow going, trying to track it all down. But I’ll get it eventually.

I ordered my new tags, (well stickers, anyway) from South Dakota yesterday, and got an email today that they had been mailed out. Fast service.

I did note that my tag cost has almost doubled in the last 10 years, from about $250 for both our truck and rig in 2007, to almost $500 this time. Seems like we ought to get a discount since we only cause any wear and tear on their roadways every five years or so.

Several times over the years we’ve heard people right outside our RV talking about  their RV. After listening in on a couple of these conversations, I noticed that it was always the same guys having the same conversation.

They were actually following me around, from park to park, just so they could talk right outside our rig. But I finally figured that that was a little paranoid, even for me. And  believe me, that’s saying something.

So since it wasn’t outside, it must be inside. So I started digging through some storage areas, until finally I found this:

National Lampoon RV Ornament

It’s Cousin Eddie’s RV from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

I don’t know that when we bought that we knew it talked. But every once in a while something would set it off. There’s a little button on top that gets it going.

Apparently they didn’t make a lot of them so it’s become something of a collector’s item. So it you want one of your very own, you can get one right here on Amazon.

Cousin Eddie’s RV from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

If you get your order in quick you can have it hanging from your tree this Christmas for only $575.00, plus $4.95 shipping, of course. Order now because they’ve only got 1 left.

So now that the mystery is solved, I don’t have to be paranoid anymore. At least not about that. But of course I still have plenty of other things to be paranoid about.

Like this.



The Word of the Day is:  Wifty

Thought for the Day: 

“Thoughts are like the precious moments that fly past; once gone they can never be caught again.” – Alexander Graham Bell


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