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Fun On Ice . . .

After a quiet Sunday morning, Jan and I were on our way up to Sugar Land Ice a little before 12:30.

We were meeting Brandi, Lowell, and Landon at the rink for Landon’s Ice Hockey practice. Due to all the family stuff going on, he missed the first couple of practices, but he’s back on the ice, and you can certainly see the improvement from last year.

Sugarland Ice 1

Sugarland Ice 2

Landon and the girl on the team were two of the most aggressive players and often found themselves facing off over the puck.

Sugarland Ice with Girl 1

And there they are again going after the puck in the corner.

Sugarland Ice with Girl 2

Sugarland Ice 3

Sugarland Ice 4

Sugarland Ice 5

And of course you know it’s all over when the Zamboni comes out.

Sugarland Ice Zamboni

After practice was over we all headed down to the nearby Floyd’s Cajun Seafood. It doesn’t make any difference which Floyd’s we go to, it’s always delicious.

Jan had her usual Chicken Fried Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries, while I got my usual bowl of Shrimp Gumbo, this time with a side of Fried Okra.

Floyd's Shrimp Guinbo and Fried Okra

I don’t think you could cram any more shrimp in there if you tried.

Brandi says that Landon has gotten hooked on those brain teaser sites like Luminosity, and plays them all the time now.

Landon and Brandi at Floyd's

She also says he’s better at them then she is.

Finishing up, I gave Jan a kiss and send her home with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon where she’ll be Landon-sitting until I pick her up Tuesday afternoon.

I mentioned yesterday all the old photos and slides we’d come across. Here’s one of Chris and Brandi with Jan’s father, probably  at Disney World in about 1976-1977.

Chris and Brandi with Grand Dad

Finishing up, Brandi posted this photo of Landon in his elf costume.

Landon Elf

She said this is probably the last year she’ll be able to get him in that outfit.


The Word of the Day is:  Bombinate

Thought for the Day: 

I used to have an invisibility cloak, but I set it down somewhere.


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