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Instant Pot Update!

Right after I posted tonight’s blog, I realized the error of my ways, that water doesn’t go into the outer pot, just the inner pot.

Back to the drawing board.

One Ringy Dingy, Two . . .

e were bit by phone problems at my client’s this afternoon when both Comcast and Spectrum dropped their respective balls.

For the last week or so, we’ve been in the midst switching our Internet/Phones from Comcast  over to Spectrum. Last week the Spectrum techs installed all the new hardware and phones. So as of Friday afternoon we were on the new Internet service, and the phones were active and dialing out, but incoming calls were still on the Comcast service.

Then this afternoon at 1pm, Comcast was supposed to switch over the phone lines to Spectrum, and then Spectrum was supposed to direct them to us. But it didn’t quite work out like that.

What we got on our end was that at 1pm all our incoming phone lines just went away.

After about 30 minutes, and some frantic (cellphone) calls, we were back online now using Spectrum. And even better we went from 25Mbps under Comcast to 50 Mbps under Spectrum. And the Spectrum service is a lot cheaper than Comcast.

I mentioned yesterday about our problems with using our new Instant Pot as a slow cooker, with the ‘slow cooking’ part being really, really slow. But a little thinking this evening told me what the problem is and how to fix it.

Instant Pot Inside

The problem is the fit of the inside pot into the cooker. It has to have an air gap between the two so that the superheated steam can reach the food in the inside pot. And this air gap doesn’t transfer heat very well.

But I bet if I put some water in the cooker before I put the pot in, enough to come up a couple of inches over the bottom of the pot, I bet it will work at lot better. We’ll see next time.

A couple of years I purchased this Camco LED bulb for our shower fixture.

Camco LED Bulb

We normally only use it for about 6 hours a day, so about 4300 hours total. So I was surprised that a couple of days ago it started flashing from bright to dim every 15 seconds or so, almost like an alarm.

Then the next day it no longer flashed, but was now much dimmer than before. I thought I remembered it was supposed to last a lot longer than this. So I went back and looked at Amazon page. And there it was right there.

  • LED bulbs can last up to 60,000 hours

But then I read it again.

It didn’t say THIS bulb can last up to 60,000 hours. It’s really saying that some LED bulb somewhere MIGHT last UP TO 60,000 hours.

So I guess 4000 hours is about all I’m going to get with THIS bulb.

A co-worker recently told me about this Magical Winter Lights event being held at the Gulf Greyhound Park down in La Marque.

Check out this video. It really looks amazing.

Looks like a great place to take Landon.

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The Word of the Day is:  Esemplastic

Thought for the Day: 

I don’t have issues. I have a lifetime subscription.


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