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Snow Flurries?

Winter is here for a while, at least. It never got out of the 40’s yesterday and was down to 39° last night. Today was another 40’s day and then down to 35° tonight.

And along with the cold temps, we have the possibility of snow flurries tonight and tomorrow. It’s already snowing north of here, up in Huntsville and Livingston, and in south Texas around Tilden and Cotulla.

A little before 1pm this afternoon I got an email alert from UpTimeRobot saying my client’s websites were down. Putting in a call to the office I found the Internet part of their Spectrum service was down, but the phone part was still working. That would normally mean that their Internet Sever was down. And in about 10 minutes it was all back up.

Later in the afternoon a Galveston County Animal Control truck showed up here in the park, checking out the residence right across the fence. I say ‘residence’, but that’s only if you think that 3 or 4 trashy-looking single-wides, a bunch of abandoned cars, and a lot of trash scattered around constitutes a ‘residence’, then I guess it’s a ‘residence’.

We didn’t call them, but we were about to.  There’s a dog that pretty much stays outside on a long chain, spending hours a day just barking. The other day when we had all the rain he was just standing the water with no place to lay down. And I think he was outside all last night when it was in the 40’s, but I’m not sure.

We talked to the Animal Control lady and she said there was nothing she could. The dot has a little lean-to covering, and he had food, water, and long chain. And that’s all they need to be legal. Apparently even being outside in the rain and cold is OK as long as he has shelter.

About 3:45 we headed out to meet friends at the La Brisa (The Breeze) Mexican Restaurant over on Hwy 146. But we made a first stop at the Victory Lakes HEB for gas. Fuel prices have been dropping pretty steadily the last couple of weeks, six cents in the last few days, down to $2.03.

We were meeting up with Wil and Cyndy Olsen who we last saw this past summer while we were both in the Rapid City, SC area. Right now they’re marooned up in Baytown while their truck is being rebuilt after an accident.

La Brisa Wil and Cyndy Olsen

We had hoped to also meet up with Jan and Dale Thompson, but Jan was under the weather so we’ll have to reschedule.

In their spare time Wil and Cyndy guide RV caravans for Adventure Caravans, recently returning from a Maritimes tour of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. And they get paid for this too. Nice work.

Jan had the Pechuga Monterey, a chicken breast covered with grilled mushrooms and Monterey Jack cheese. Her favorite.

La Brisa Perchuga Monterey

I got the Beef Fajita Taco Salad with Queso as a dressing. La Brisa has some of the best tasting fajita meat around.

La Brisa Beef Fajita Taco Salad

Along with eating we spent a couple of hours catching up with all our adventures, more of theirs than ours.

One of our blog readers wondered how the aliens were supposed to play the Golden Record on Voyager. Well, NASA thinks of everything. Including with the record a stylus (needle) and a pictorial drawing showing how it  should be played and at what speed, essentially 16-2/3 rpm.

I forgot to mention that the Voyager probably won’t function much past 2025 because the radioactive batteries that power the craft will be too weak to allow continued operation.

Referencing all the different types and styles of music encoded on the disk, Steve Martin, on Saturday Night Live, said that the aliens had responded to the record with four words, “Send More Chuck Berry”.

I guess even aliens know good music.

The Word of the Day is:  Maieutic

Thought for the Day:

If at first you don’t succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.


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